Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Lia Sophia Jewelry Party

I attended one of my friends Lia Sophia Jewelry Party in Feb and absolutely loved the jewelry!  I wanted so many different ones and didn't want to pay so much for them so decided to host a party of my own...then during the process of talking to Tracy, the jewelry lady, to set up my hostess party, I decided to become an advisor I can get even MORE jewelrys and maybe earn a little money doing so ;P

I had my own starter show last night...thanks to everyone who came out!  It really is fun and a great time to get together with your girlfriends, chat, eat, and play with jewelrys.  I'm not sure if you all have heard of Lia Sophia, alot of people actually have not yet...just wanted to share some of their information with everyone.

They have GREAT hostess benefits - you get a hostess gift for hosting a show ~ anything up to $100 you get for only $15!  And if its more than $100 there's a special hostess bonus price like $20 or $25...
If you have at least $250 show, which means if the people you invited buys jewelrys and everyone together spends $250, you automatically get another 4 items at the hostess bonus price (up to $100 for $15), and another 4 items for 50% off!

Lifetime Guaranteed - they have a lifetime guaranteed on their jewelrys.  As long as you keep the receipt that your items comes with, if its broken, scratch, or damaged, you can ship it back with the receipt and they will send you a new one!  If its over 120 days, they charge a $5 restocking fee.  And if they no longer have the item, they will send you a voucher for the price that you spend on it and you can purchase something else.

They use 14 and 22K gold and rhodium on their silver, so its not sterling silver.  Alot of their jewelry items are very versatile as you can use the necklace as belts, and different ways to wear the earrings and necklaces...

I don't know how this is going to pan out or what I actually expect out of doing this...4 of the people that attended my starter show has scheduled to host their own shows because they want their free jewelry as well!  So I'm excited to see how this will work out...I'm worry that I might not do well or what not, but then again, if it doesn't I have gotten my jewelrys that I that's still not too bad right?

Don't know...I guess we'll see...will definitely keep updating on this so you guys can follow me on my new project...but in the meantime, this is what I got for my hostess item ~ the lighting here is not good but its really pretty!  I also have my eyes on this bling bling ring that I am waiting to get for my other hostess gift!  That one is gorgeous too!


Ian said...

Do they have anything for this sexy dude? :)

Following you as well. Can't wait to see the followers start pouring in

WandySue said...

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Im now following you
Hope you follow back

thanks wandysue

Kat said...

Ian ~ I have a lovely necklace that you can turn into a belt to wear with nice leather pants ;P