Sunday, March 21, 2010

Discounts - Why must you avoid me?

My friends and I have been planning a small vacation in April...We had decided to take our butts over to Crazy Las Vegas! (Since I've never been and I mean, EVERYONE has to go to Vegas at least once in their lifetime right? hehe) we've been planning, and I've been checking the flights, hotels, etc....

Flights were around $300 round trip 2 weeks ago when I was checking them, but at that time I wasn't sure of my schedule we decided to wait till my schedule comes out to make sure I could get the days off...It just came out recently and I did get the days off that I wanted...and then I went to check on the tickets...and its now $400+! I'm going to keep checking to see if there will sales going on soon, if not, we'll just have to risk it with Buddy Passes...

Hotels have gone up as well, I think due to the time that we're planning on going there's a big convention in town...We are thinking of doing Priceline to see if we can get a good bid accepted...wish us luck...

By this time you're saying, "Does she have a point in her story?"  Well, yes I actually this has got me thinking, wouldn't it be great if I knew someone who can get me an employee discount?  And then I'm racking my brain....and can't think of anyone that pops up in my mind...So then, I was thinking well why does it have to be someone you know?  In this economic times I'm sure everyone would love to save money on things they are already doing...and I'm sure everyone is always going to be looking for the cheapest way to buy leisure things!

So what if there was a group out there that people can take advantage of others' employee discounts?  I'm sure alot of people around the world works at a company that offers some sort of incentives or discounts or even promotions with other companies...So what if in this group that person list what they can offer, and other people can take advantage of it?  Then maybe, just maybe, if we get enough people together, everyone can save alot of money AND have friends all around the world!!!

What do you think?  Do you currently work for a company that offers some sort of discount?  Well, I guess I could share a little something first with mine ~ I can get Tiffanys and Co jewelrys for 10% off because my work place has established a business account with them...So there's one of mine...mine changes constantly and have new things all the time...

What would you like to see in this group? What can you offer? Do you already know of a group like this? What do you think overall, would you participate?


Tiffany said...

so, when I get a job...I will have to call you about that Tiffany & Co. discount.
Sorry, I don't know anybody with hotel discounts...though I am trying to apply in the business. If I do get it, you know I'll hook it up for ya!

Sarah Lynne said...

Hi Kat,

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Best wishes with the blog, and I cant wait to read more!!!


Sarah Lynne said...

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