Saturday, June 5, 2010

Under the Weather

So I have been sick...caught a cold from my sister who so openly coughed and spread germs around the house.  And in such bad timing too!  I worked a 3 days trip that had a 33hrs layover in lovely San Jose, Costa Rica!!! I know!  And what did I get to do?  Nothing...because I was I got to know the ins and outs of my hotel room I guess...The hotel is pretty nice and the room is very comfy...but we arrived to the hotel pretty late, around 10:30pm or 11pm I think...and this hotel...has...creepy halls

I watched this scary movie once, I forgot the name of it, but it was something to do with something in a hospital.  A hospital is already pretty scary, right?  Well it had this loong hall, and the lights that are dark and off, until someone walks close to it and then it turns on, and then you walk past it, and it turns you know what I'm talking about?  So when you look down the hall, its dark.  The area where you are standing is bright and the light kinda follows you as you walk down the hall?  Yeeah, that was the kind of lights that this hotel had...and the halls, were all extra looong and had bends and I reeally appreciated that I was walking down this hall with the whole crew and our pilots!  Why would you do a hotel like this?  Its like a freaking scene from a horror movie!

Moving on ~ before I got to this layover, our flight to San Jose was my crew and I were sitting at the gate area waiting for the plane to be ready for us to get on.  I was sitting there and talking to this other flight attendant when I spotted this guy almost directly in front of me.  At first glance, he appears pretty normal as he sits there concentrating on his book he's reading.  As I continue watching, he proceeds to stick his thumb WAY up his nose!  We are sitting there at a public place full of people, mind you...and he's totally just into this whole grossness of picking his nose....then as I was about to turn away because I was completely grossed out.   HE...THEN...STICK...HIS...FINGER...IN...HIS...MOUTH...AND...ATE...IT...
I have no words...oh wait yes I do...Ewwwwwwww!  Gross!  Disgusting!!!

I really don't understand how certain people can be so gross like that...but anyways, moving on to happier topics.  Right after I saw that disgusting somewhat of a man...I saw someone else that totally brought my spirits back up!  I saw Brooke Elliott from Drop Dead Diva!!!!  I absolutely Looove the show and loooove her!  I think she does such a great job on the show and I cannot wait for the premier!  If you haven't seen it, you definitely definitely should check it out.  She looks just like she does on tv, and seems like such a down to earth person!

I had to sick out of my trip because my cold was causing my ears and nose to be all stopped up and was making me dizzy.  So lets hope I can get over this cold and cough soon...until then...have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 31, 2010

How many texts do you send out a day?

We have all heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, right?  The syndrome is usually associated with using the computer keyboard for too long or at an incorrect position.  Annie Levitz, from Chicago, has developed carpal tunnel...not due to computers though, but from doing too much texting a day.  And guess what, she is only 16yrs old.

Annie does about 100 texts a day and has already cut down to about 50 texts a day, she saids.  She started feeling pain in her wrists and hands and then started losing feelings in them completely.  She would try to pick up things and have them slip out of her grasp.  She is now wearing braces on both of her wrists, taking pain injections, and scheduled for surgery to relieve her pain.

According to Annie, she has learned her lesson.  She said that she knows now certain communication is just not worth it.  However, after "learning" her lesson, she still manages to do about 2000 texts a month!  Her mother is not taking her phone away from her because it is her whole social life.  I am sorry, but if my daughter texts so much that she develops carpal tunnel, I think I would do something about it.

Annie's bright solution to her problem?  She wishes to trade in her mobile for an iPhone....Why? Because it is touch screen and therefore should make it easier on her to type texts..

Wow ~ yes, Annie...that is of course the perfect solution to your problem!

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Friday Follow!


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Throat Punch Thursday to the Infinity Power

This is super Throat Punch because I am a easy going person and you have somehow made me mad...I still considered you my friend and now wants nothing to do with you...I value friendship and you have made it seem like friendship can be bought and sold at the dollar for you, just for you, H, I give you super throat punch to the infinity power.  May you never recover from this...

Famous quote from Mr. H himself...
Wishes that people would leave the past in the past n only look for now n the future. There is so much BS in this world we live in!

I, for one, totally agree with living in the present.  I might not be very good at it, because I do like to look back into the past and ponder about why certain things didn't go the way it was supposed to...but Mr. H., you have no whatsoever authority to say leave the past in the know why? BECAUSE YOU NEVER MADE IT TO BECOME A PAST!  If you would have been straight forward and told her that its over...guess what...I would totally see it your way.  But unfortunately, you didn' left her thinking that everything is still the effing hell do you expect it to become the past when you never told her to LET GO!!!

There is so much BS in the world we live in...there wasn't until you made the situation what it is...BS is unnecessary, its stressful, and its certainly uncalled for...but you know what...the person who runs from what he is supposed to do, no longer associates with friends that don't agree with what he is doing, and never even bothered explaining his side of the story (because I was definitely waiting, gave you benefit of the doubt, and was waiting to talk to you) is not only BS, but a POS...and all the BS in the world?...came from you, you POS...

I usually forget about things after a nice nap or sleep...but can't seem to get over this when its not even my problem!  I don't think I am even that mad about what you did, H, because all relationships have their issues and problems...but I am so furious at how you handled the situation and our supposed friendship...Apparently, our friendship or whatever the hell it was is totally I have dedicated this super throat punch Thursday to you...and am making a promise to myself that after this post, will eternally not be bothered by this ever again!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What would you do?

I can no longer tell what I am doing is right or wrong any longer...I think I am right...but I don't know...maybe you guys can tell me...

One side is a guy friend (whom we shall refer to as H for he), another side is a girl friend (whom we shall refer to as S for she).  They are were dating...S went overseas for her family matters.  After a couple of months of arguments, they agreed that H would go to visit her and her family in July.  They are trying to work it out....oh I forgot to mentioned...they are not only dating...they are ENGAGED.

I have suspicions that H was seeing this other girl - however, I said nothing, told no one, except mentioned it to my roommate.  S recently calls my roommate and said that H has been avoiding her phone calls and not really talking to her...still, I said nothing and did nothing...the night before yesterday, S called my roommate and said that she talked to H and asked him about the statuses and pictures and asked him about her suspicions of another girl, H told her that she is thinking too much and there is nothing going on.  S told him she wants to come back, H told her not to, stay over there, and wait for him to go visit her in July.

I, still, after hearing all this, said nothing and did nothing.  Today my roommate logged into facebook...H's status update changed ~ it said he is now in a relationship with that girl that we all suspected...I didn't judge...really, I didn't...but I posted on his wall asking what in the world is going on?  I told H that I really wanted to be on his side, but what he's doing is kinda wrong...I asked him if this other girl knows that his fiance is was waiting for him to go visit her in July?

Thats all I said, my intention was not to be mean whatsoever.  But if one of my friend is doing something wrong, I am going to talk to you and tell you how I feel.  I feel like thats what friends do, not like some people that just let you go do whatever you want and say as long as you're happy.

H replied to me that him and S have been over for a long time and that he has moved on and suggest S to do the same.  My roommate replied back and said then how come just the night before yesterday S still has the impression that the both of them are still ok (and definitely engaged) and that he is still going to visit her in july?  My roommate said that she is not trying to judge him, but just that she thinks he should have just told S the truth instead of leading her on and keeping her hopes up...

Next thing we know?  He has deleted the post off of his wall and de-friended the two of us! o_o
Really? wow, I didn't know that a friendship was so fragile...that because of voicing my opinion, I am no longer consider a friend???

H deleting this post off his wall makes me think that the girl he is currently seeing knows nothing about his fiance that was overseas...and that he doesn't want her to find would you do?  I know that I don't even know the girl so it shouldn't even matter...but would you...tell that girl somehow?  Just tell her what you know?  If she knew all along then so be it...but if she didn't...maybe she would've wanted to know?  I don't know....would you?  or just leave it be?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where taking a nap is encouraged at work!

Well ok, maybe not encouraged, but not frown upon!  I definitely studied the wrong field and went into the wrong industry.

Recently one of my friend took me on a tour at his job, an IT company whom shall remain nameless.  I don't know if it matters but there might be certain protocols or laws or I don't know what out just in case...they shall remain nameless...

So anyhoo...I was on a tour, the office was like a maze...different levels with endless cubicles.  If I was alone, I definitely would've gotten lost!  But the place I was so curious to check out, their break room...or break area I should say.

They have ping pong tables, pool tables, arcade games, xbox 360, Wii, and I believe he mentioned guitar hero...really? yes really!  I asked him so you guys can just take a break and come in here whenever you want to and play and no one will really say anything?  He said yeah as long as we pretty much finish what we're supposed to be doing.  I asked him so whats to prevent people from just being in here playing all day?  He said well we're all pretty responsible adults and so we know what we gotta be doing... This...was my expression in my head o_O hehe...because I totally know I would have been in that break room all day playing guitar hero until it was time to go home! lol

Then we entered another room where they had some big bean bags laying around on the floor, and this.................

No it is not a spaceship!  This, from what I was told, is a nappod napod nap-pod? Oh I don't know how to spell it! A nap pod...It is for them when they get too stressed out, for them to come in here and take a nap...yes you heard right!  Take A Nap!  I love this company already...I get stressed all the time...where do I apply???

Friday, May 21, 2010

The increase of 3D Movies has now brought us to...3D in your home!

I have seen several commercials advertising Samsung's new 3D TV for your home!  When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it...I mean, seriously, is that necessary?

The price of television has been decreasing.  And to drive up the sales and cost, they figure they needed a new technology to boost their sales again.  With the 3D movie Avatar being such a huge success and bringing in such high revenue, a light bulb turned on and the next gadget is born.

The price for 3D tv right now range from low end of $1700 up.  That is not all, in order to watch it in 3D, you have to purchase the glasses which can cost from $125 to $150 EACH.  They are going to come out with some 3D TVs that you can use the regular cheap 3D glasses to watch, but then these TVs will be around $500 to $1000 more than the other active 3D TVs.

And after you pay all your money to have this unnecessary device in your home, you can now worry about your health issues that will soon follow.  Doctors are discovering that while watching TV is already bad for your eyes, watch TV in 3D can be about 3 times worst than that.  Watching 3D TV can cause motion sickness, disorientation, and posture problems.

The first channels that are coming out with 3D programming are sports channels like ESPN.  Guys, really?  I mean, you already need to be glued to the TV during football season, baseball season, basketball season, golf, tennis, and whatever else that involves balls and sweat.  Do you really need to watch it in 3D where you'll feel like the balls and sweat is coming right at ya?

They said it is not recommended that a person under the influence of alcohol or lack of sleep watch 3D programming because they lose some control of their eye muscles.  So watching 3D programming might be a little challenging.  hm...I don't think thats the only thing challenging after consuming alcohol, but hey, at least they won't even need 3D glasses!  The image should be popping out at them!  It might make it a better effect!

I just can't wait till the day when I walk into someone's house, and you see the whole family sitting there with red and blue glasses on....and wondering if I have stepped into the twilight zone....I know...I know...even though I am saying all this and how its will probably eventually end up on my birthday or christmas wish list if it does become widely popular!  *head hangs in shame*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter about Priceline situation I had

I got an email from a reader whom had found my post that I did about Priceline.  I had a situation previously and had been given NO help whatsoever from Priceline, and posted how to actually get your situation taken care of.

She wrote me to say thank you for the post.  She said she had the same situation and had problems with a hotel that she got through Priceline.  They, again, did nothing to help her.  She found my post and within two phone calls, got her money refunded and situation solved!

I was sooo excited to read this email and know that it actually helped someone else!  I had such a horrible experience with it and didn't want anyone to have to deal with it for the whole day like I did.  I am so happy that it helped her out and never really thought that it would actually help someone!!!  Yay! =D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taste of Alpharetta

I have been slacking off again on this blogging.  Its actually really hard to keep this going daily (I don't know how you guys do it! ^_^)  I had a whole bunch of things I had to take care of, so blogging just happened to fall to the last thing on the list to do...and then the list never got finished...

Anyhoo...I went to Taste of Alpharetta for the first time this year.  There were alot of advertisements and people talking about how great of an event it is, so I decided to try it out.  I didn't know what to expect, and definitely did not expect the crowd that showed up!!!

This is only maybe 1/10th of the people shown!  And it was extremely HOTTT!  But it was extremely worth it!  What it was was basically booth after booth of restaurants that offers food.  You buy tickets - one sheet of ticket is $5 and there's 10 tickets on there.  I went with two other people and we purchased $30 worth of tickets.  And surprisingly, we had leftover tickets!!!

I was sure that we would've ran out of tickets after the first couple of booths.  We ate sooooo much and we had leftover tickets that we got to gos with.  I think I had everything from pulled pork sandwich, fajita, sushi, calamari, salmon (which was the BEST), chicken wings, pizza, chicken lettuce wrap, shrimp salad, ice cream, hot dog bagel, smoothie, satay chicken sticks...omg...I don't even think that is the full list!  Your mouth is watering now, isn't it?  lol...mine is too!

Definitely, definitely, going back next year!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrity Golf Tournament with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I volunteered with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on Monday 4/26 with their 18th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament.  I am on their committee trying to get all of the silent auction items in.  So we helped set up, then monitored the silent auction, at the end were runners to get all the items when they check out, and then help to clean up.

It was a long day, and the weather was kinda gloomy, but overall the event was still pretty successful.  I know I was in awe of some of the things and items we got for the auction...and the people that could just throw down money for so many things (I know I know its for charity, but still, you gotta have money first even if you do want to do some good)

One guy spend $7000 on several silent auction items and then donated $1000 to have a song played by the band and another $2000 after hearing a child talk about his life story.  Yes so just him alone thats $10,000!!! I mean, wow...will I ever get to a point where I can dish out 10K for charity?

Overall we raised 125,000 total all day from the golf tournament, the silent auction, dinner and the concert.  And just from the silent auction we raised $24,000!!!  Amazing, and it really makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your house cleaned for only $79!

Hey guys, just wanted to share this Livingsocial deal for today only - MaidPro is doing 3hrs of cleaning for your house for only $79!  I've been wanting to try them out and now I can!!!  If you're not in Atlanta, they're kinda just like groupon and have other deals in other cities too so check them out!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beautiful Grand Canyon Pictures taken by my friend!!

Just wanted to share these beautiful pictures with you guys!  With her camera they turned out great!!!

This is not the Grand Canyon, but was inside the City Center (I think)...This, you can't really see from the picture, but all of this long looking things are all ice!!! So cool!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mexico City Continued

So as I was saying from my previous post, the flight attendant comes up to us and saids, "Hey if anyone comes to your door and knocks, DO NOT OPEN!"

So we're like what? what happened?  She said that she told her friend she was coming to Mexico City.  Her friend told her that the last time she stayed there, someone came and knocked on her door.  She looked through the peephole and saw a guy with a gift basket.  The guy said the gift basket was from receptions downstairs.  Now she was smart, instead of just opening up, she said hold on.  She then went and called downstairs and asked the reception area.  They told her there was no such gift basket, and they didn't know who was at her door.  She hung up, went back to the door, and the man was now gone.

After hearing this, I was already a little spooked...Then the other other flight attendant goes, "omg...I am glad you told me friend said something happened to her too!"  I was like, are you serious? more stories?  I don't know how many more of these I can take!

She said her friend stayed there and was sleeping...It must have been late, like 1 or 2am or something like that...she was half asleep so wasn't in her right mindset.  There was a knock on the door and the man outside calls out "maintainence".  She was groggy and only half awake so didn't think twice about opening the door.  The man comes in and saids I have to fix something in the bathroom.  She said ok...and then went back to sleep!  After a few minutes, she realized a little that it was a kinda weird, got up, went to the bathroom to check on him.  He was in there fidgeting with something so she just thought ok he's really fixing something.

She, again, went back to lay down on the bed.  At this point, I am thinking damn she is brave!  After a few minutes she opens her eyes, getting ready to go check on the man again, and there he was right beside her, with a gun pointing to her head.  He told her to be quiet.  Instead, she screamed with all her might, kicked, punched, struggled to get out of his grip.  Somehow he got scared and ran out of the room.  She told the operators downstairs and they finally found the guy, and he was just a random guy that roamed in from off the streets!

I was standing there thinking about how lucky she was...before I could even digest everything, the pilot goes, "Yeah my co-pilot got robbed the last time he was here!  And from the short 10 minutes that it took him to walk back to the hotel, they had already charged all of his credit cards!!!"

I didn't have a story to share, and didn't want to have any stories that I might have to share.  So I told them I wasn't gonna lay one foot outside of my room!!!  Sigh....I lied though...I went out with the other flight attendant because she didn't have anything to eat.  We walked around just looking for the grocery store and was going to go back, but then couldn't find the store and ended up eating at a local cafe/restaurant.

It was pretty good, and very very cheap...It was a daily special that comes with soup, rice or macaroni, the entree, dessert, and a drink.  I ordered an omelet and mine came out to be around $6.

Then we saw a pastry shop across the street and decided to check it out as well.  The pastries all looked sooooo good so I couldn't resist!  We bought some...but then when I ate it in the hotel later on, it was not good at all.  The cake was so hard, it didn't even tasted like a cake!

Luckily nothing happened to us, and we got back to the rooms safely.  But I don't know if there is a next time I go there, if I would be so brave as to venture out again...It is definitely... not for the faint of heart!

Looks so good right? These were definitely misleading!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can you find waldo? or in this case lucky?

For some reason this is now his favorite spot on the couch.  Yes he climbs up there, removes the pillows, and settles himself in between the pillows and the couch, and blends in!  He obviously is comfy thou b/c he refuses to leave this spot!  And yes...he is snoring as I am writing this post!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Biggest Loser - Couples

This show is a tearjerker for me this week.  This show is always emotional, and my eyes always tear up at the end when they have to eliminate someone...but this time, it was even worst!  This week it left an aching feeling in my heart.

Spoiler Alert - Stop reading if you haven't watched this yet and is planning to!

This week it was down to Sunshine and O'neal.  After his brother passed away, he was already emotional and this past week both of them had to leave to attend his brother's funeral.  So they lost a day and a half in being able to work out.  And this week it cost them being at the bottom.

So of course O'neal sacrificed himself so Sunshine could stay behind, but you can tell that no one there wanted him to leave.  It was very very emotional for me, because I felt like he deserves to still be there.  He, with his bad knee, and everything else, deserves to be there more than anyone least that's just my opinion...but we all know that doesn't matter.  To me, I don't know why, and please don't badger me over this, but I felt that Ashley should have gone home...

On to brighter and cheerier news, next week is makeover week!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My First Monday Minute with DDOR - and yes I'm late

Yes I know...I'm a day late on this...but I decided I still wanted to do it ~ hey it must be still Monday somewhere in this world, right? hm...maybe not...but oh well...
Monday Minute

1 - What drugs have you done in your life?

Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Nyquil...
     what? these don't count???

2 - A/S/L?

You know...I had no idea what these meant...until I read someone else's answers! I know...a duh moment so here goes...30(a young 20s at heart)/Female(although my friends always say I don't act like a lady)/Ga(please don't stalk me)

3 - Do you pick your nose?

The thought of this question makes me wanna gag - I always clean my nose with tissue!  I find it very disturbing when I am driving and see other drivers pick their nose ~ please stop doing that!!!

4 - What's your favorite childhood cartoon

I watched news during my childhood...oh who am I kidding?  I still watch cartoons, I can't get away from cartoons, kids movies, teen shows, and family guy!

5 - List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done

I personally think they're all great...hehe...but this one is fun ---->  Check it out:  Twilight Fans

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Impressions and stories of Mexico City

I was actually pretty excited at first for my long layover in Mexico City.  That is, until the stories came.  After a really really long day, we arrived in Mexico City and all of us just couldn't wait till we get to the hotel and pass out.

We got into our transportation that would take us to the hotel.  Barely leaving the airport, we hear police sirens...we started joking with the Spanish speaker that the cops were coming for him to search his thing we knew...the police was behind us and pulling us over.

He came up to the van and opened the doors, then started having a conversation with the Spanish speaker in Spanish...we had no clue, of course, to what was going on or what he was saying.  After waiting patiently in what seems like an eternity, the speaker tries to explain to us what the popo was saying.  He said basically there is going to be a new law (so its not even a law YET) that crewmembers are not allowed in this kind of we're asking then whats the deal now? are we going to be able to go now? or what?

He said the popo was saying that we might get fined and blah blah blah...the pilot was like ok just go fine the airline...just let us go right now...besides it is NOT a law yet so what is the deal?  He (police) just kept talking and saying stuff in spanish for like another ten minutes and finally closes the van door and starts talking to the van driver.

Now that we had the doors closed, the speaker starts telling us that basically the popo was trying to get money out of us and how it was really corrupted over there.  He was saying all that talk about the "new law" was all bullshit and it was ALL about the money.

The van driver came back in the car and we drove off.  We asked him what happened and he said the police asked him to pay him some money and he'll let us go...we were shocked and asked him if he paid him.  He said no, he just told the stoopid ass that he don't have any money...

We couldn't believe that the police (the people that we would go to if we needed help in a foreign country) were like that over we were like well I'm not sure I want to be out and about walking around...what if we run into another popo and get send to jail unless we pay them???

We get to the hotel, and I am admiring the decors because it was a really beautiful hotel.  I'm thinking ok...I can deal with hanging out here at the hotel and not going anywhere...this looks really nice!  You can see from some of the pictures here that I took...the room was huge and very very comfy...

And then...While we were checking in, the other flight attendant comes up to us and tells us another story to warn us...and totally scared me half to death! be continued...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Follow - I believe this is #3 for me!

Been so busy lately, running around trying to get everything done all at once.  So have been slacking off on the walking and exercising, but I've walked enough in I guess that offsets it a little bit!

Friday FollowTonight is my own very first Lia Sophia Jewelry show!!! I am so excited and hopefully I won't get too nervous!

Its only 1:30pm here and there are already 600+ links on this Friday Follow!!!  Can you believe that?

Ok, here goes...If you are revisiting, welcome back and I am so happy you are still reading!  If you are new, please take a moment to browse around and I hope you will become a follower! =)

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Fear and Peace - How is it possible to feel both at the same time?

I love looking at or watching water...the beach, the lake, the river...I can just sit there and look at it, stare at it, and I would feel so at ease, so peaceful...

On my Pittsburgh trip I did that, I walked on the bridge and sat down for a little while by the water just taking in all the surroundings and relaxing...the water wasn't even that pretty or clean looking, but it still gave me a sense of peacefulness...

But while I'm sitting there staring into the water...I started can I love it so much staring at it, sitting here taking it all in?  Why do I love it so much, when at the same time I fear it so much...How is that possible?

You see, I can't swim...I don't know how...I took swimming lessons when I was a little kid...but never did learn...I have had this terrorizing fear when I get in water that goes above my head....never been able to learn how to deal with it or stop fearing it...

The water doesn't even have to be deep, as soon as I get submerged in it, I freak out...My friends make fun of me because I can't even go on water slides...I went on one once, slid down, went under the water, and frantically flapped my arms around like I was drowning...finally found my balance, stood up, and cried...yep...I was very very embarrassing...

So I'm sitting there looking at the water, peaceful for the moment, but at the same time thinking, I would be so scared if I fell in this water...

How is it possible?  Something that brings me such peace... could also terrorize me so?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am Back!!!

Yes I could not get on the flight I was planning on getting on...well actually I could, but my friend who was on a buddy pass, couldn't and I didn't want to leave her there I stayed with her...and Yes, we spend the night at the Vegas airport...

But anyhow...I had a GREAT time in Vegas...We rented a car and drove to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon...which I would recommend everyone to do!  I would suggest to drive all the way and visit Grand Canyon first though, and then on the way back stop by Hoover Dam...We did it the other way around and alot of the shops were already closed...

Also DO NOT take your own car there...because to Grand Canyon there is about half an hour of dirt road, and you would not want to mess up your own car that way...not to mention all the Rams that we saw on the side of the road too...

Grand Canyon was absolutely beautiful!!!  We climbed up the rocks all the way to the top tip of it!  It was very very scary but we made it!  I got up there and my knees got weak...I had to sit down...When I stood up I felt like I was just gonna fall down the cliff...but it was a good experience.

If you don't already have a Red Card from Wynn, you should get one...If you are a new member they have a promotion going on that you only need 55 points on the card and you will get a free buffet!  It is free to get the card...and I played on the wheel of fortune slots and got my 55 pts pretty quickly!  Our whole group got free buffets at the Wynn...and the buffet at the Wynn is SOOOO much better than the buffet at the Bellagio...just so you know...

We stayed at Treasure Island and the hotel was pretty nice...staying there you get to be in a VIP area to watch the Sirens show outside, which was definitely a treat...because we're so short we didn't have to get stuck behind some of the tall people...and the Sirens show definitely beat all the other shows that the other hotels least to me...because it was so much more entertaining!

You also get to go to their club for free before midnight...although we didn't go to try it out...there was so much to do and we didn't have enough time!  There is a $22.40 per day resort fee for each room...I think its for the free internet in the room and also for the pool and fitness center...but we didn't have a chance to lay out in the pool either...

I am exhausted from my vacation and I think I seriously need some recovery time...but got sooo much to do!  Not to mention the 865 blog posts that I need to catch up on here I to read blogs...this is gonna take me awhile...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sitting at the Vegas Airport

So I have been MIA for a little while ~ because I was in Vegas!!!  I am now sitting at the airport waiting patiently to see if I will be able to get on the last flight out of here...Yes I am on standby...and yes the all nighter out of here is always full...but still...I am hopeful...and as much fun as Vegas is...I am ready to go home and get some things this blog back on a routine for instance...not to mention so many other things starting for me this week as well...gonna be a busy busy end of the month!

So bear with me! I'm almost home!  And Wish me luck on getting on the flight!

p.s. Vegas was FUN!

p.p.s. I am EXHAUSTED...I need a vacation from my vacation!!! in which time I will be catching up on your I didn't forget to read them! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do You Find This Funny?!?

I had a whole bunch of spring break kids on my flight the other day.  They were sitting in the couple of rows right in front of me.  I think it was a group of kids that were a part of something because they all knew each other and screaming (really...screaming...not just talking) to their friends that were sitting in other rows.  These were not young young kids neither...I think they must be in their junior or senior year of high school, but they acted like they were in elementary school.

I ignored all of their screaming across the plane, loud talking, loud laughing, really pointless conversations and their immature behaviors...I ignored all of that because I figured hey, they're on spring break, maybe they just acting up because they want to have whatevs right...

Then I was listening to this girl telling her story to all her group of friends in a bragging tone...She was talking about driving (I'm assuming she is a new driver).  She said she was driving with her mom in the passenger seat.  They were driving along and something caught her eyes on the side of the street...She said what it was but I forgot...anyways, something caught her eyes so she was looking at it but forgot to take her foot off the brakes.

So this whole time she now has her head turned sideways looking at this thing, but the car is still going straight and she is not looking at where she's going...She hears her mom screaming STOP and turned back around...She had ran the stoplight and the cars going across were now heading in their direction and if she keeps going, they would crash right into her car on her mom's side...

I listened in horror fearing the ending of this story...she goes on...She said she stopped then just in time and didn't crash with the other cars.  I thought Thank God!  She then said her mom was so scared and freaking out and...are you ready for this?.........

She thought it was the funniest thing in the world what had just happened! 

I was completely baffled!  WhY, Where, What, How, WhO in that whole story was funny?  Did I miss the funny part?  I would've been completely scared shitless!  Are you kidding me?  She said she started laughing in the car after it happened, and then her "buddies" started joking about what happened and all joined in on the "laughter".

I don't get it...When I have kids...They are gonna find this FUNNY?  If thats the case, they will never find out what a "car" is!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Twilight Fans!

I knew the moment I thought this all of the Twilight Series Fans out there will appreciate this!

I walked by this alley on my layover in Pittsburgh and immediately the thought that popped in my head (I can't believe I was even thinking about this as I read the book like eons ago!) is so similar to the dark alley Bella was in when she got surrounded by those guys....and then Edward showed up to rescue her!

I know right...I don't know why this was the thought that came into my head...and I laughed about it almost instantly when this was what I was thinking about...but then my second're gonna LOVE this..................

I wonder if Edward will show up to rescue me if I walk into this dark alley?

I am Not kidding...if the first thought was so silly, this second thought was gosh...what has the book done to me???

I still almost went down the dark alley, even though the thought was insane and stupid...hahahaha...ALMOST...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Follow #2!

phew I thought I was gonna miss it this week...but here it is!!!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Throat Punch Thursdays!!!

I have been patiently waiting for this weeks Throat Punch Thursday!!!  I didn't want to write about it before because when this happened all I could think about was...I have to write about this on my blog for throat punch!  So here goes...

I travel you all for my birthday this year my friend bought me a travel I can stop spending money on delivery orders, takeouts, all those extra delivery charges, expensive hotel restaurant food, and tips on top of all that...I absolutely LOVE my travel cooker...I bring soup, pasta, macaroni, basically anything liquid that I can cook and have been saving money on food ever since...

Well right before my last trip my sister made spaghetti...I decided to take some left over pasta noodles with me on my trip (without the sauce on it of course)...I took it and was going to cook the soup when I get to the hotel and pour the soup over my pasta...

When I got to the hotel I cooked the soup, and took out my smelled bad...really really bad...I was mad of course that it had gone bad but didn't want to risk getting sick by eating I went downstairs to the restaurant and asked them if I could get some pasta, just plain pasta, no sauce, no nothing...

First of all, the lady looked at me like I was a freaking alien from outer space...then she said that they only have spaghetti on the childs menu and they are strict on not serving that unless you're under 8yrs old...

I explained to her my situation and that I have the sauce already made and just really needed an order of plain noodles...I mean, how hard could that possibly be???  She said she would go talk to the manager...

The manager came out, and I had to tell her my story all over again...She said she will go ask the chef...what? you're the have to go ask the chef just for something as simple as plain noodles???

She came out, and said that the chef said it was ok for me to get it...BUT...because I am NOT a child...they will have to charge me DOUBLE what the childs price was...I did mention I am getting PLAIN, NO SAUCE, JUST PLAIN ORDER OF NOODLES right?

Double meant that the noodles would then cost me TWELVE DOLLARS

She didn't give me a chance to even think about it...She said let me ring you up here at the I just followed her over to the bar and paid for it...I know...I'm dumb for following...She left to go put in the order and whatever else she does back there...left me standing there at the bar waiting...fuming this whole time...for a whole thirty minutes before my order appeared before me!!!

In what world do you charge $12 for regular pasta?????? @#!#$#@#$  Why didn't I just get a whole dinner entree then?  It probably would've cost less for a whole entree!  Wouldn't you think that normally if someone wants to just buy the pasta plain with no sauce, which you guys probably already had it all cooked, boiled, and ready, that it should be CHEAPER, not more???  Even if you don't charge me cheaper, then fine, just charge me the regular price that you normally had it on the childs menu!  But you just HAD to charge me double because I am NOT a child????  And does it take THIRTY minutes to cook pasta???

Never again will I bring pasta already cooked...This pasta noodles was so overpriced I thought I should take a picture of it and remember it here you go...take a look at the world's only $12 plain spaghetti noodles...and cherish it with me...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I just wanted to share some of the pictures I took while I strolled around downtown Pittsburgh...or at least I thought it was was a pretty day out and I walked around the theater area, walked down by the water, and walked across the bridge and back...

I stopped at a stoplight waiting to cross...just happened to glance to my right and saw this on the sign...

This is the shower head that I had in my hotel bathroom...I was talking about it the next day to the other flight attendants and the pilots...telling them that I loved it and how the pressure was perfect...the pilot said...

"You do know why there's TWO shower heads don't you?  lol

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Judging a person by appearances

We hear about this all the time right?  Everyone talks about and advices everyone else not to judge someone by their appearances...But I'll be the bad person, I'll be the first person to admit...yes... sometimes I do this...I try not to...but sometimes I still do...I think deep down inside alot of people do (don't lie! lol) especially when they feel like that person might be able to harm them in any way.

Envision this:  Male suspect...pretty tall and average build...tattoos, chains, and piercings all over his body...hat worn sideways...dressed in a tank and his pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool with his pants on the ground.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a person like this walking towards you on the street?  No really, I really want to know...the very first thoughts that comes to your mind...honest one...

True Story...

I was in Pittsburgh on my layover...I had a whole day there so decided to actually venture outside of my hotel room and walk around to see if there was anything interesting...normally I might not even step outside but I decided I wanted some fresh air and to clear my head...

I walked around this little theater district there and they have benches set up all along the street...I sat down on one of them and did a little people watching...

Directly in front of me on the other side of the street a lady was walking out of a building...she was pushing the door open and stopped on the top steps that would lead her down to the street...she stopped and paused...I tried to peer a little closer...I realized that she was holding a walking cane and she had on sunglasses so I came to a realization that this was a blind woman I was watching...

Before I could get up from the bench to see if she needed help...A young man was, at the same time, walking up those steps to enter the same building...He was trying to get into the building so he had held the door open for her to come out...when she stopped, I saw him ask her something...then he held out his arm, and led her down the steps to the street...

Instead of turning around and entering the building (his original plan)...He proceeds to walk her down the street to the end of the block where a bus was waiting...He helped her on the bus, then turned around and walked back to the building and I'm assuming...went on with his day...

This young man, was the same male suspect I described to you in the beginning...after watching this whole scene taking place before my eyes...I once again urged myself not to judge anyone by their outer appearances...ever again...

I was in absolute awe and sadness...awe because he didn't have to help her, you know?  But he not only helped her...he went above and beyond...I felt sadness...sadness because I know that alot of other people would have had the same initial judgment that I had...if only looking at his outer shell...and in a way I blame the society we live in for us thinking this way...because we're afraid of being harmed...because we're afraid we're going to get hurt...but because of all this...I know that he, has not been given a fair chance at things that he, having such a beautiful personality, really deserves.  Because many people would've looked, saw what they saw, and never gave him a second chance...

I'm not saying he is a perfect saint just because he did what he did...I'm just saying...after what I saw this beautiful afternoon in a not so familiar city...I will think twice before I "judge a book by its cover" again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Master of Procrastination

I am working sign in is not until the afternoon, but still...I have not packed, I still need to do laundry in order to pack, and I have to find food to bring on my trip as well, oh and I never did go buy the conditioner I needed to bring on my trip...

Instead, what am I doing or what have I been doing, you ask?  I have been sitting here, writing my blog...and endlessly reading other blogs, following blogs, and commenting on blogs...I do believe blogs have taken over my world...

I do not know why I am such a procrastinator...I always always wait until the absolute last minute when I really have to do it before I complete something...this is a has become a disease...and yet I do not know how to stop or prevent it from happening...Is there a procrastination anonymous I can enroll in?

It is now almost 2am here where I let me stop posting, reading, and go finish my laundry so I can pack...and then try to go to sleep so I can wake up and go to work...

damn...forgot to fill out my census form once again...another thing I put off...when are these due by the way???  or are they now past due?

My Very First Friday Follow!!!

Friday Follow

WooHoo...I finally made it in time to put in my very first friday follow!  I hope I am doing this right, if I'm not, please let me know!!! I am #151 on the list! :D

By the way, double woohoo for me today as I went for another walk in the park!  Only 2 laps around the park this time, but still, its something!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did you know there was such thing as a 7 stars hotel?

I was just browsing the oh so wonderful internet, when I came across this... It's not a fact, I don't think, but I think its pretty close, the world's most luxurious, tallest, 7 stars hotel ~ Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

Can you believe some of these photos???

The Lobby

Royal Suite



According to Wikipedia, this hotel was opened in 1999, there are 202 bedroom suites in the whole hotel.  The smallest suite is a whopping 1820 sq ft.!  Man, that's bigger than my house!!!  The largest suite they have...are you ready?....8400 sq ft.!!!!!  I mean, really...seriously...why?

You get your own personal chaffeur driven Rolls Royce, check-in in your suite, there is a private reception area on EVERY floor, and as if that's not enough, professional butlers that are at your service 24hrs a day...

Planning your next vacation?  I don't know about you, but even if I were to have insane money to spare, I don't think I would spend that much just for a hotel room...but then again, what do I know right?

So what do you think is a reasonable budget for a room a night, maybe even for a room of this caliber?  What would be the absolute maximum amount of money you are willing to spend for a room a night?

Want to know what the cost for a suite at this luxurious 7 stars hotel is?  Take a guess...I will post it in the comments ~ How close was your guess?   :-X