Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Lia Sophia Jewelry Party

I attended one of my friends Lia Sophia Jewelry Party in Feb and absolutely loved the jewelry!  I wanted so many different ones and didn't want to pay so much for them so decided to host a party of my own...then during the process of talking to Tracy, the jewelry lady, to set up my hostess party, I decided to become an advisor I can get even MORE jewelrys and maybe earn a little money doing so ;P

I had my own starter show last night...thanks to everyone who came out!  It really is fun and a great time to get together with your girlfriends, chat, eat, and play with jewelrys.  I'm not sure if you all have heard of Lia Sophia, alot of people actually have not yet...just wanted to share some of their information with everyone.

They have GREAT hostess benefits - you get a hostess gift for hosting a show ~ anything up to $100 you get for only $15!  And if its more than $100 there's a special hostess bonus price like $20 or $25...
If you have at least $250 show, which means if the people you invited buys jewelrys and everyone together spends $250, you automatically get another 4 items at the hostess bonus price (up to $100 for $15), and another 4 items for 50% off!

Lifetime Guaranteed - they have a lifetime guaranteed on their jewelrys.  As long as you keep the receipt that your items comes with, if its broken, scratch, or damaged, you can ship it back with the receipt and they will send you a new one!  If its over 120 days, they charge a $5 restocking fee.  And if they no longer have the item, they will send you a voucher for the price that you spend on it and you can purchase something else.

They use 14 and 22K gold and rhodium on their silver, so its not sterling silver.  Alot of their jewelry items are very versatile as you can use the necklace as belts, and different ways to wear the earrings and necklaces...

I don't know how this is going to pan out or what I actually expect out of doing this...4 of the people that attended my starter show has scheduled to host their own shows because they want their free jewelry as well!  So I'm excited to see how this will work out...I'm worry that I might not do well or what not, but then again, if it doesn't I have gotten my jewelrys that I that's still not too bad right?

Don't know...I guess we'll see...will definitely keep updating on this so you guys can follow me on my new project...but in the meantime, this is what I got for my hostess item ~ the lighting here is not good but its really pretty!  I also have my eyes on this bling bling ring that I am waiting to get for my other hostess gift!  That one is gorgeous too!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Learn Something New Again Today...

So I am sitting here in a coffee shop just relaxing and browsing the web, catching up on my blog reading...My roommate is sitting here with me studying for her test tomorrow...She is in school for nursing right now...So as I said, I am just reading, browsing facebook, and minding my own business...

All of a sudden she saids, out of nowhere: "Hey! Did you know that a fetus is a parasite???"

Hm...In~ter~est~ing... I gave her a blank okaaay look...She explains... "Yeah the fetus is consider a parasite because it takes and takes from the mother and never gives anything back..."

I pondered about it for a moment...well that makes sense, doesn't it?  But who would ever consider your baby inside you to be called a parasite???

While I am pondering this new information I learned...She proceeds to go even further and saids,
"Yeah, and they continue to be a parasite until they reach 18!"


Monday, March 29, 2010

Montego Bay, Jamaica

I have been missing in action for a couple of days on this blog because I've been working and have had no time to access my internet...but let me tell you, I felt like I was constantly forgetting to do something...almost as if I've left my baby unattended...

So I had a layover in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was going to try to get rid of this trip until another flight attendant told me that the resort is all inclusive - free food and drinks? I said OK I'm in!

We had a really short layover there, and after some unexpected delays, even shorter layover it became. Weather was HOTTT, and its not the nice hot like you get in Florida. Its the muggy and humid hot. The resort was pretty nice...A nice welcome drink is there for you when you check in.

Walking to find our room though was definitely a could get lost easily...and once we found our building...we had to drag our lugguage up 4 flights of stairs because we were on the 2 they do not have elevators, which to me, was extremely strange!

The resort was still fully operating, even though we got there pretty much at 9pm...there were entertainment going on, someone was performing, and lots of people lounging around enjoying drinks...we walked into one of the restaurants to eat the buffet...I was starving because I didn't all day!

Buffet had 5, no 10, no 15, lets just say its so many I couldn't even count them all, tables of food to choose from...A long table for you get drinks from was available, and on there, beer and wine as well. I must say I am loving this walking in, sit down, eat, and leave without paying concept!

The only thing with me though, are the bugs. The other flight attendants I was with didn't notice them or weren't bothered by them. I told them that I always seem to attract mosquitos for some reason. I am always the only person that gets bitten while others come out untouched...they didn't believe me...we didn't have dinner for that long...I think we ate for probably only an hour or so...low and behold...came out of there with 6 mosquito bites on my legs. Yes, I counted...I showed the other people I was with, and they were of course, without a scratch!

The other flight attendant told me that I should take some B12 supplements. She said it was found that there is some kind of repellent in there that will keep them away...Learn something new everyday, and I'm definitely going to try it out, or carry OFF with me everywhere I go now.

So if you're not prone to bug bites, I would definitely suggest visiting here for a vacation. The resort really is beautiful, its right on the beach, pool was HUGE, endless all inclusive restaurants and alcoholic beverages...hey, what else do you need on a vacation?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My 1st Day with Invisalign!

I decided about 2 months ago that I wanted to start my invisalign treatment and went in for my appointment today to get my first set of trays in. I had basically NO idea what to expect...but for anyone else that might be thinking about doing this...this is what went on today...

He started by using this small circle tool to contour my teeth. He said this needed to be done so my teeth will have more spaces to move during the procedure. This tool made loud whirring sounds and was extremely doesn't hurt...if you don't move, that is...just the sound and the smell kinda freaks you out a little smells a little like burnt rubber know, like when the wheels spins really fast and there's that smoke and smell that comes out?

So I was COMPLETELY still the whole time...I wasn't prepared to lose my tongue or something you know...After that, he glued on these very small white adapters on some of the teeth...he said this will help with the teeth moving to the correct place after I put on the invisalign tray.

Then he put the trays on to make sure they were the right size...He showed me the correct way to put them on and take them off (as I'm supposed to remove them before I eat or drink hot drinks and to brush my teeth)...Then he had me go to the mirror and practice putting it on and taking it off I'd be sure I knew how to handle it when I get home...

So that was the whole appt ~ not too bad, and overall not too scary...I had 3 add'l trays that they gave me in additional to the 1st one, so total 4 trays in all. I am suppose to wear each tray for two weeks and then change it to the next one for another two weeks, etc etc...then go back to see them after 8 weeks and they will give me the next set.

So that's not that difficult right? Well I kept the first tray off since I was going straight to eat after my appt...and I just put it in about an hour ago when I got home...

It doesn't really hurt...I was afraid it was going to be painful like alot of people said regular braces are...its just...uncomfortable...I can't stop biting down because I keep wanting to close the gap between my teeth since it does feel like there is something extra there...I mean, which of course there is, but I guess I'm just not used to it yet...

My speech has definitely slurred...I feel like I'm speaking like a three year old...and OMG...I can't stop salivating! I don't know why! I walked up to my roommate and spoke to her with blurred speech and mouth full of saliva....EWWWW! I know, right!!!

Well, I have to work tomorrow and I don't think I am going to get used to it that if you were my passenger, would you be ok if I came up to you and ask, "wat wooth you lik to drain?" while simultaneously drool is dripping down the side of my face? LOL

I would post pictures...but didn't want to GROSS anyone out!

Back to Square Zero... How to cancel your bid reservation from Priceline!

I guess we have to totally disregard my post yesterday that the hotel has been booked and taken care of...because now its not...but I wanted to write about it in case anyone else has had problems about it...which...I think alot of people actually are...

So we bid right, and it got denied, and they offered us another hotel for $120 a night.  Well we read some of the reviews and realized that it is not on the strip at all, which we bid for one on the strip.  It does not have a casino, so when we stay at the casino late at night on the strip, we would have to walk back to the hotel late at night/early in the morning...and we read that the street to walk back to this hotel from the strip was dark and dangerous...

I called Priceline to try to get my reservation changed or canceled because I said I don't want to stay at a hotel where I would have to worry about our safety when we walk back at night.  The first person I talked to just basically was like a ROBOT and recited the "We can't refund or exchange or change the reservation at all." over and over and over I asked to speak to someone higher up...

He transferred me, and "escalated" me to the customers resolution dept...I explained my situation, no casino, resort fee that was not explained or mentioned, not on the strip, price (it was the same exact price I found on another website)... Well he didn't cared, he said the same exact things the first person said...the robotic repeat of the same script OVER AND OVER again.

That just made me so ANGRY.  I told him I was frustrated and unhappy with the choice I was given and I haven't even started my vacation yet...I said so you expect me to go ahead and go on my vacation being MAD?  He just answered the same robotic sentence over again.  I said, "You're not even TRYING to help me, so I would like to speak to your manager."

He said this is already the most escalated dept you can speak to...I was like WHAT?!? don't have a manager?  He said, "I do"....and wait for this......

But my manager does not speak to the public!

I was speechless then...I said you know what...I'm going to find my own way.

I'm not even going to go into the details and the time we spend to try to get this resolved...needless to say, Priceline obviously do not care about their customer service skills at all and do not care about their customers!  But if you, or someone you know, has had problems with the same situation, this is what you need to do to get it resolved...

We happened to catch the Trump Hotel's manager on the phone when we called the 2nd time.  We explained to him our situation and our concerns...Without any blame or hesitation, he said, "Well, if you're not happy with what you got, there is no point for you to stay here, because I don't want you to be unhappy on your vacation."

Words of a truly SUCCESSFUL customer oriented businessman!  He said for me to call Priceline back and tell them that he approves our reservation being cancel without any penalties, and he said THEY (PRICELINE) DO THIS ALL THE TIME!  So they handle cancellations all the time!

If Priceline would've said to me, I'm sorry we can't cancel this on our end unless you have approval from the hotel...that would've been ok with me!  But they didn't, they basically said we can't override our system, there is nothing we can do....but yet the whole time there WAS something they could do!

So for all Consumers out there ~ BEWARE ~ if you have had this happen, now you know this is what you have to do.  And I WILL NOT ever use Priceline again ~ EVER!  Just because of their customer service, over something that could've been resolved so easily!  So please BEWARE and STAY AWAY!  There are way too many other competitors out there that you can use that will handle your business much better!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hotel Booked - Vacation Booking half Accomplished

After weeks and weeks of planning, checking, and rechecking tickets and prices...the hotel is finally booked.  Looking at it as an after thought, I am not quite sure if we got a great deal or not...

My browser had, travelocity, expedia, priceline, and some random airlines page constantly open so I can check actually had pretty good package price for both the flight and hotel together...but my friends wanted to try bidding for the flights on priceline to see if we could get it cheaper (after all the price increases).

If you've never done priceline bidding before, this was my first time, you will need a credit input in the bid that you want, rather its flights or hotels...if its hotel, the place, area, and the stars of the hotel that you wanted...and then you have to enter in all your information: name, address, phone number, credit card info.......and then you click purchase.

You have to make sure that the information and dates you input is correct because once you click purchase, they will tell you rather your bid is accepted or denied....and if its accepted your credit card is automatically charged, you don't get to cancel it...which was kinda what I thought...but thats not the case...

If its denied, they might come back and tell you another deal they can do...or just tell you that its denied and ask you to change some criteria and bid again....We spend almost four hours just bidding and looking at needless to say by the fourth hour we were so tired of it and just basically was like whatever, we'll just take whatever! lol

So we didn't get any good deals for our flights...but we put in $76 for a 5 stars hotel in Vegas strip vicinity North (two rooms)...we knew we weren't going to get it for $76...but wanted to try our luck and see if it comes back with came back denied but it said one of the five star hotel would accept it for $120 a night...We thought about it for awhile but decided to just go for it...since $120 a night for a 5 stars hotel seems pretty good.

We clicked agreed or purchase or whatever the button was, and it came back with our hotel information and itinerary...The hotel that we got was Trump...We looked it up and it looks pretty nice but its actually not on the strip...I think some reviews said that about 2 mins from the strip...and it doesn't have a casino on don't really gamble either but isn't the reason most people want to go to Vegas is because of all the action and excitement?

Then I looked it up on and the hotel can be booked on there for average $154 a we got it for a little bit cheaper but not that great of a deal I guess...but like I said, we were so tired I think we just didn't want to deal with it anymore...

So I guess we'll just see how it goes...updates and more realistic pictures after our stay there!

Monday, March 22, 2010

How would you feel if you had gotten your breasts removed by mistake???

Laurie Johnston from Windsor Ontario, had to endured exactly that.  She was told by Dr. Heartwell that she had breast cancer and needed to do a mastectomy (removal of breast tissues).  Laurie agreed and they proceeded to go with the procedure...only to find out after the procedure was already done, that Laurie NEVER had breast cancer!  The doctor just misread the chart!

I don't know about you, and I'm fortunate that I have not had to go through that, but I am pretty damn sure that I would be a complete wreck if I was told (knock on wood) that I had breast cancer...and then only to endure the procedure and be told that I never had breast cancer? I think I would kill that doctor... gets worst...They found out...that she had made this SAME EXACT MISTAKE BEFORE!  So now two women suffered because of her!  She made this mistake before and the hospital did Nothing???  She voluntarily quit operating after the incident with Laurie, BUT wanted her job back basically just three weeks later....Get this:

The Hospital Gave Her Back Her Privileges!!!

Seriously?!? Are you kidding me right now??? The hospital said that she can operate as long as her cases are reviewed by another surgeon for three months... and the only thing they really said was that they were profoundly sorry that this happened...

If I was Laurie, I would go burn down the hospital!  A "Sorry" just don't cut it... 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Books for free

I found this website, BookSneeze, through some fellow bloggers and signed up...They have available books that you can order for free and it will be shipped directly to your home.  The thing they ask is that after you read the book you must write a review of the book and link it back to them.  I ordered my first book on Friday - Greater Love by Robert Whitlow 

I haven't received it yet and am patiently waiting for it...but I was many of you use this site?  For those of you who have been using this site for a little they normally offer more books and varieties?  I wanted to find out because I actually joined maybe about 3 weeks ago, but have not picked anything until recently because they really don't have that much books available...and the ones that they do have are mostly business and culture books...

I am looking for regular fiction books that I can read...Does anyone know of a better website where they offer books to read for free?  Please share! @_@
I review for BookSneeze

Discounts - Why must you avoid me?

My friends and I have been planning a small vacation in April...We had decided to take our butts over to Crazy Las Vegas! (Since I've never been and I mean, EVERYONE has to go to Vegas at least once in their lifetime right? hehe) we've been planning, and I've been checking the flights, hotels, etc....

Flights were around $300 round trip 2 weeks ago when I was checking them, but at that time I wasn't sure of my schedule we decided to wait till my schedule comes out to make sure I could get the days off...It just came out recently and I did get the days off that I wanted...and then I went to check on the tickets...and its now $400+! I'm going to keep checking to see if there will sales going on soon, if not, we'll just have to risk it with Buddy Passes...

Hotels have gone up as well, I think due to the time that we're planning on going there's a big convention in town...We are thinking of doing Priceline to see if we can get a good bid accepted...wish us luck...

By this time you're saying, "Does she have a point in her story?"  Well, yes I actually this has got me thinking, wouldn't it be great if I knew someone who can get me an employee discount?  And then I'm racking my brain....and can't think of anyone that pops up in my mind...So then, I was thinking well why does it have to be someone you know?  In this economic times I'm sure everyone would love to save money on things they are already doing...and I'm sure everyone is always going to be looking for the cheapest way to buy leisure things!

So what if there was a group out there that people can take advantage of others' employee discounts?  I'm sure alot of people around the world works at a company that offers some sort of incentives or discounts or even promotions with other companies...So what if in this group that person list what they can offer, and other people can take advantage of it?  Then maybe, just maybe, if we get enough people together, everyone can save alot of money AND have friends all around the world!!!

What do you think?  Do you currently work for a company that offers some sort of discount?  Well, I guess I could share a little something first with mine ~ I can get Tiffanys and Co jewelrys for 10% off because my work place has established a business account with them...So there's one of mine...mine changes constantly and have new things all the time...

What would you like to see in this group? What can you offer? Do you already know of a group like this? What do you think overall, would you participate?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Compression Pantyhose for the 1st time!

Another flight attendant recommended to me to start wearing compression pantyhose to prevent the green veins from showing up on my legs (I don't know if these are called spider veins?) because with the flying and the pressure in the airplanes I have already had some showing up...So I purchased some and started reading some information about it...Apparently they help with the blood circulation, blood clots, and helps with swelling (edema) too...

The other flight attendant said that she wears them all the time, everywhere, even when she's wearing pants. I said I probably won't be that religious but I'll definitely like to try if it'll really stop these veins from appearing...So I bought some, and tried it for the first time yesterday...

I have worn pantyhose before, I mean, all females have right?  Well I had a sign in at 6:55am...I woke up around 4:30, and needed to leave my house by 5:15 latest 5:30am so I can get there and catch the bus in time for my sign in...woke up, did everything as normal...went on to getting dressed...

I sat down to begin putting on the pantyhose...seriously...that thing did not make it pass my ankles.  I had to apply so much strength to try to pull it up...damn...I didn't know I was that fat!  no joke...I broke out in sweats after I've finally achieved the task and had it on...I mean, forget working out!  Just give anyone trying to lose weight a pair of these!

After I finally had them on, you know how normally after you put on pantyhose, you go back towards the bottom and adjust them by pulling the extra material up?  Well I tried to do that...1st: I could barely get the pantyhose material to part with my skin...2nd: moving the pantyhose material was definitely, definitely out of the question!  It was not matter how I tried...So...if you put it on kinda crooked or wrong way the first time? hehe...too bad!  You're now stuck permanently to it! lol

I didn't leave the house till 5:45am by the way because of this simple task of putting on my pantyhose...and I went throughout the day wondering how in the world I was gonna take them purchased the 15-20mmHg one which is the light - moderate one only...I can't imagine what the heavy ones are like! o_O

It wasn't as difficult to take it off as putting it on for the 1st time...and I'm sure, or hoping, that the 2nd, 3rd, or the nth time of wearing these that it will get easier ^.^  But these should definitely come with a warning or directions:  30 minutes is all it takes!

Have you tried compression pantyhose?  Tell us your story!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buckhead Week - Captial Grille

This is the first time my friends and I tried Buckhead Week and we picked Capital Grille in Atlanta.  The restaurant looks really nice as it is on the 8th floor of the Capital Building so you can see the city's view out the windows.

The deal was $25 and you can choose from the following:

Appetizer:  clam chowder, caesar salad, or field greens
Entree:  Filet Mignon, Sirloin or Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon
Sides:  It comes with family servings of mash potatoes and creamy spinach
Desserts:  Creme Brulee, Chocolate Expresso Cake, Peach Sorbet, or Chocolate Ice Cream

I picked the Clam Chowder, Salmon, and Expresso Cake.  I felt that the food was good but not exceptional.  I've certainly had better elsewhere...but for Buckhead week and $25 it was definitely a deal!  Since most of their entrees by itself is already over that.

However, the service made my dinner experience awful and the food was not good enough to make up for it.  Maybe they assumed that we had read the menu before we got there (I didn' maybe I'm to blame?) so they came pretty quickly after we sat down and after they gave us the menus to look at...We had a group of about 12 people and so we had two waiters going around taking orders. 

The waiter that came around on my side took my sister's order and then asked me what I wanted...I was still looking at the menu and haven't decided yet...My sister told him to give me some more time...He said ok, then proceed to say well would you like clam chowder or salad?  I thought he was just asking so he can get the appetizer down I said I will have the clam chowder please.  Then he goes so do you want the filet mignon, sirloin or the salmon?  I just looked at him...I was thinking did you not just hear that I needed more time???  Are you trying to trick me into ordering?  I didn't get it...I just looked at him and said I'm trying to decide if I wanted something from the menu instead, like another entree!  He goes ok and went down to the next person...After he was done with our side, he just left...He didn't come back to take my order!  I mean, what kind of service is that?  I just felt like he was trying to rush us into ordering so we can hurry up and get out of there!

So I was already upset, and just ordered from the other waiter that was there...He was about to leave too until my friend told him that I didn't order yet... The food came out pretty quickly, but they would constantly mess up on things...We had to ask for stuff soooo many times...I don't know how many times we had to ask for water before they would come by to fill our glass...I want to say we had to ask more than five times...and in a high end restaurant like that, is that the type of service you would expect?  I mean, I know we are there on Buckhead week but still, shouldn't the service be the same?

They forgot to bring us some of our desserts and we kept telling them and telling them...and finally after everyone else was already done with theirs...they finally came by the table again and said oh my gosh, are you missing your dessert?  OoO  We still tipped them though about $70 tips... for that type of service...lets just say its a safe bet that I'll never step foot in there again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Groupon of the Day - March 15

Today's Deal:

$15 for $35 worth of Southern cooking at Parish
(Tax and Gratuity not included)

Today's Side Deal:

This one sounds awesome!
$35 for 3 hours Zipline Canopy Tour!!! (Value $69)
This is located in South Carolina though, they said its about 2.5hrs drive from Atlanta.
Really want to try this one but you have to take the tour by May 15...what to do...what to do...
Should I? or shouldn't I?

Groupon Website

Sunday, March 14, 2010

No way AFA - Union No Way! Long post - sorrie!

I normally don't speak up about this topic or try to convince people to vote either way.  However, I am seeing an increase in the AFA tags due to this delay they are dragging out.  I feel like during this delay it is helping them and giving them more time to "scare" us into more votes...

So I have started talking more about this topic...because I truly cannot understand or see any benefits that comes out of us having a union.  I welcome any comments to try to convince me otherwise or to change my mind...

I am going to list out in plain terms so its easier for those of you who have been scared to the other side, to understand why I think the way I do.

  • MONEY!  I mean come on, isn't that why we go to work?  Do we not pay enough witholdings and taxes and insurance and all the other I don't even know what that comes out of our paycheck?  Must we really add another expense to the list? 
  • Flexibility - Are we not working where we're working because we love our flexibility?  Do you realized that we will lose this?  Just wanted to make sure ~~ no longer going to be able to fly as much or as little as you want to ~~ maximum hrs is all of you out there who are flying 100, 110hrs or more a month ~ poof! no more...are you going to be ok with losing some income?
  • Job protection...Really?  They can promise all that they want right now when they are wanting to land our hard working money into their pockets!  But there is never going to be any job protection guaranteed EVER!  Why would you even believe something like that?  When Northwest Flight Attendants threatened to go on a strike, instead of "working it out" with them like what's supposed to happen, they were just going to hire a new batch!
  • Trip going illegal - a lot of you have expressed your concerns about scheduling making you feel guilty or what not when you have reached the drop off point of your trip.  Your reasoning for AFA is that with them, if you've reached the illegal drop off point, you're taken off the trip, no ifs or buts.  My rebuttal to that ~ With no AFA - YOU hold the choice!  So what if scheduling is making you feel guilty or trying to convince you to go?  If you don't want to all you gotta do is say NO!  Have you considered the many instances where your illegal point happens to be your last leg of the day and you're working to go home???  What then?  With AFA, guess what?  You're not going home!  So sorry...but there is no ifs or that what you want?  No stretching room whatsoever or do YOU want to have control?
  • Are you emotionally attached to your sick days, MTOs, PPTs?  Well, guess what? Say good-bye!  With most other carriers, you have 5 occurrences and you are FIRED!  Signing in late even 1 minute counts as an occurrence!  No more calling scheduling  or talking with your manager to try to explain that 5 cars pileup that caused your moment delay...there are no gray areas, remember?  There goes your Job Protection!
  • You need help?  You need some answers or something done right away?  Well make sure you call from your home phone because you're dialing a 1-800 number!  And when you finally go through all the prompts and tried to reach a person, sorry, our office is now closed, please try back during normal business hours.  Do you not get enough of this from your credit card company, your cable company, or your telephone company?  No thank you, I think I will take my walking right in to see my manager or calling the OCC manager any day!
Bottom Line is why would I PAY you to TAKE AWAY my options???  Just look at everything and you'll see that it's obviously not worth it for those few times you've been mistreated out of the decades that you've worked!  Please do your research, don't just listen to them scaring you!  What other carriers out there that have a union LIKE it???  Tell me that?

To me, I think that we work here at this airline because we like the culture, the way that we're established differently than everyone else, the way we can change our schedules to accommodate our lives.  If you wanted structure, black and white rules, no way of changing your schedule you could have well picked another carrier or another job.  When you got hired, did they not emphasized FLEXIBILITY?

I'm going to end with this personal story and if you still don't get it; Like I said, I welcome your comments and debates to try to convince me. 

My grandmother was ill last year and the hospital called to tell us she's likely not going to make it.  She lives halfway across the world and it takes 2 days just to travel to go see her.  We wanted to go see her right away so we could see her before she passed.  I received the news late at night when my normal manager was not available.  I called the OCC manager and he got rid of my trip right away (He didn't make me feel guilty or none of that!).  He not only got rid of my trip but proceeds to help me with my booking reservations so I can receive the emergency pass and make sure that I would be able to get on the flights. 

I got to my destination and got to see my grandmother.  She did passed away and her funeral was not until a week and a half later.  I didn't want to travel back and forth and have to spend another 2 days to fly there again for the funeral.  I called my manager and told her about it, and she took care of my other trips for me.  I asked her if it was going to affect my file in any way negatively.  She reassured me that it won't and that it was important that I spend time with my family then, that that's whats more important and for me not to worry about anything.  I thanked her and basically was able to attend the funeral and everything that I needed to.  That to me is HUGE! 

She was able to understand my situation and act accordingly....if we already had a union then?  I would have had 2 days family leave off...that's it!  It takes 2 days to travel there!!!  What would I have done then?  I would have missed the opportunity to see my grandmother for the last time...To me that is PRICELESS and its situations like this that offsets the few other mistreatments with scheduling that I would MAYBE have and MAYBE not have in the duration of my career.

You cannot replace Personal Relationships with a contract.  I don't need a piece of paper to dictate my life.  So please, I urge you to make the right choice, for your sake, for my sake, for flight attendants as a whole.

Saturday, March 13, 2010 certificates for $2

I am not sure how many of you uses  It's a great website to get some great gift certificates to use at local restaurants that participate for cheap.  Usually the normal deal that goes on is you can get $25 worth of gift certificate for $10, which is great for those of you who like to dine out.

They do periodic promotions though and I've just received an email that you can purchase $25 gift certificates for only $2!!!  Can you imagine, in this economy, that would be great to be able to eat out for $2!  Well some restaurants do have certain restrictions like a minimum you have to spend in order to use the certificate, or drinks are not included, etc.. So please read the fine prints or information fully before you purchase!

To get one of these gift certificates, click on the link below and put in the area where you live to search for local restaurants that participate.  If you find one that you wish to purchase just add it to your cart.  The discount code when you checkout in order to get it for $2 is to enter BITE and then hit apply. 

You're ready to dine out every day!!! :P

Groupon of the Day - March 13

Today's Deal:

$15 for $35 worth of Greek Cuisine at Blu Greek Taverna
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$25 Braves Game Pack(Value $60)
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Borders 30% off Coupon

Just thought I would share since I always get these but hardly used it.  This one is only valid until 3/15/10 so use it quick!  You can print out the coupon or use the code and purchase something online.

Click on the link below and it should take you to the coupon...let me know if it doesn't!  :D

Borders Coupon

Groupon of the Day - March 12

Today's Deal:
$25 Braves Game Pack(Value $60)
     •See a baseball game
     •Includes a Braves hat
     •Tour field and museum
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The Fine Print
Expires 05/31/2010
Valid Mon-Thurs home games through May 31, 2010. Not valid April 5 and May 20.
Side Deal is still the same one:
$150 All inclusive Sushi Party at your home! (Value $300)
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Thursday, March 11, 2010


A woman came into the galley after our beverage service. She gave us her coffee cup to fill up with hot water. She said she was asleep when we came through which we told her it was fine. We filled it up, gave it back to her, and she dumped in her coffee travel pack in there. She then puts the top back on, and then shakes the cup up and down. Not twirl it around lightly, but literally shaking it up and down to mix the coffee up. So of course, the coffee squirts out of the drinking hole and is now all over the counter, floors, and herself. She looks at me with a shocked look on her face and said, "oh my gosh, I didn't know that was gonna happen!!!" I looked at her...speechless...

On another flight we are doing our beverage service. As always, I asked, "Can I get you a beverage?" He said, "What do you have?" I take a breath and said, "Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cranberry Apple, Tomato Juice, Bloody Mary Mix, Fresca, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Coffee, and alcoholic beverages." He pauses, and then said, "Water." I proceed to pour him the water, hands the cup to him, and no response. He doesn't reach out to take the cup, he just sits there and stares at me. um...really? If someone hands you something, don't you reach for it? Finally I just set it down, he didn't say thank you...

Groupon of the Day - March 11

Thanks to a friend of mine, I've discovered this wonderful Groupon website that offers great discounts. I haven't purchased anything from it yet, but I have been tempted to way tooo many times because of the deals. I only look at it for the deals in Atlanta but they have deals from all over. It's definitely worth checking out!

Today's Deal:
$45 One year Family Membership to the High Museum of Art (Value $90)

Today's Side Deal:
$150 All inclusive Sushi Party at your home! (Value $300)

Groupon Website

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you feel like there's something you can do?

With all these natural disaster and catastrophe going on more and more frequently, doesn't it feel like 2012 is really going to happen? As more and more of this happens, there are so many different nonprofits and associations that we donate money or items to that are out there to help. But how do we know for sure? How do I know that the money that I donated is really going towards helping those in need? Before I used to think that it really doesn't matter, that as long as I think that its going towards the good cause then its all worthwhile. Now I'm not so sure...

I feel like there are increasingly more nonprofits popping up that are out there scamming people. So recently I have been thinking I want to actually be the person doing the helping so I would know that the money is actually going towards the right people. I have such great benefits at my job in that I fly mostly for free or at a discounted rate...I constantly think that I should be doing something with it.

Last week just when I can't get these thoughts out of my head, I ran across some blogs of these lovely people who take their time out and have been going to other countries themselves. They blog about their journeys and the orphans they helped, the villages that they bring water to, or the schools that they helped build. I couldn't believe my timing, it was like it was meant to be. Even though a lot of these organizations have some sort of religious affiliations, (I'm not a religious person) I wanted to find out how I can do the same thing these people are doing.

So I have decided...this is something that I definitely want to do. I will start doing research of how I can do something like that...maybe take a trip with one of those organizations so I can see first hand how it really goes. I don't know if I will be able to handle the way things are in other countries as I am somewhat fond of the cleaner and nicer things, but I would like to at least try.

I want to start something locally that doesn't have any religious affiliations with it. I know that it will be hard, and it will be a looooong process. I don't even know where to start actually! But I know somehow, someway, it can be done.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So I am home now.  Even though I didn't go to the market with the other flight attendants in Ghana, they told me some funny stories that I would really like to share.  One thing I've learned is that flight attendants love to go shopping with other flight attendants' money! lol... The guy that went shopping, he was also on call as well so he didn't bring any money either.  Instead he got to the market and then asked everyone: "So, how much did everybody bring?  Let's pool our money together so we can shop effectively!"  So they did, and he spend most of the money and ended up having to write checks for everyone after we got back! I was like, well I didn't know I could shop without any money!  If I knew, I would've definitely gone to the market with you guys!!! ;P

They said that you really have to bargain when you shop there at the market.  Whatever their price that they give you, you tell them you only want to pay half of that.  So they said the guy went shopping and he saw a african mask that he wanted...and this was his bargaining technique

   Buyer: "How much is this mask?"
   Seller: "$30"
   Buyer: "I will pay you $15 for it."
   Seller: "No, thats too little, I cannot sell it for that! $30, $30!"
   Buyer: "no, I don't want to pay $30." and they all proceed to walk away...
   Seller then chases after them, "ok ok! I will give you for $15!"
   Buyer then goes (as he starts to feel bad), "ok ok I pay you $20...."  O_O  rofl

who does that!   hahahaha...who offers more after the seller already said he will give it to you? lol...the seller is then staring at him like huh?!?  The guy then wanted to buy this painting from another seller...but at that point they only had $5 left.  So they told the guy they can only pay $5, and the seller said fine and sold it to him.  Well as they were leaving the market they saw the same seller running after them.  He goes, "I've been looking all over the market for you guys!  Since you only paid $5 for the painting, can I have your shirt?" ???  It was a old nike workout shirt that he wore, and as I did mentioned, it is HOTTTT over there right?  So by this time he has sweated all over this shirt! ewwww!  So he goes, "but there's sweat all over it, and if I give it to you, how am I going to walk around back to the hotel?"  The seller goes, "It's ok, It's ok, no one cares if you're naked here!" he took off his shirt and gave it to him...they walked back to the hotel, him with no shirt on the whole time, and um...I think they did care b/c everyone was staring at him!  They said someone else commented to him ooh nice pants! hehehe

We are on the plane getting ready to go home.  All the passengers had boarded and we had a freaking almost 3 hrs delay on the ground with passengers onboard.  I was sooo ready to go home as it is and I was trying to catch a flight home after I get to JFK...we were scheduled to land around 4:30pm and my flight home was at I thought I was all good...anyways so the reason for the delay was that the navigation system in the cockpit was giving the pilots all the wrong readings...they said they were trying to fix it, but then came on the intercom later and said that the flight was 90% gonna be cancel...I was like nooooooooooooooo! I am not staying here another day!  All the other flight attendants starts to pack their bags with food, drinks, and things all ready for another day stay...3 hours later the pilots said ok I think we've fixed it so we're gonna go ahead and leave...I mean I didn't want to stay there, but how do we go from 90% cancel to let's go?!?  So anyways, by that time we were already really tired, b/c during the delay all the passengers were raiding our back galley and took all the snacks that we now we are all trying to prepare ourselves for another 12hrs flight after a 3hrs delay....everything during the flight was pretty good...I can't really complain b/c really compared to the Lagos flight that I did, this one had much nicer and patient passengers...but one thing I gotta vent or mentioned...During a 12hrs flight we do at least 4 beverage services, not to mention people that come to the back and ask for towards the end of this 12hrs flight and I am coming by with the last beverage service and I ask you what can I get you to drink?  DO NOT ask me "what do you have?" 0_0  What do you mean what do you have???  We have the same darn things we've had for the past 12HRS!!!!  I mean, come on!  This is our 4th beverage service!  Really? I mean, Really!!!
With that being said though, I will mention that I will take this Accra flight over Lagos flight any day!!!

So of course I missed my flight with the delay.  We ended up staying in JFK for the night and catching a flight home today.  I stayed in JFK and of course was relieved to be staying at a nice hotel.  But then I took this picture:
This is water that is straight from the faucet while I was trying to brush my teeth! um...ewww!  How is it POSSIBLE that water in JFK can be worst than the water over in Ghana???