Monday, March 29, 2010

Montego Bay, Jamaica

I have been missing in action for a couple of days on this blog because I've been working and have had no time to access my internet...but let me tell you, I felt like I was constantly forgetting to do something...almost as if I've left my baby unattended...

So I had a layover in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I was going to try to get rid of this trip until another flight attendant told me that the resort is all inclusive - free food and drinks? I said OK I'm in!

We had a really short layover there, and after some unexpected delays, even shorter layover it became. Weather was HOTTT, and its not the nice hot like you get in Florida. Its the muggy and humid hot. The resort was pretty nice...A nice welcome drink is there for you when you check in.

Walking to find our room though was definitely a could get lost easily...and once we found our building...we had to drag our lugguage up 4 flights of stairs because we were on the 2 they do not have elevators, which to me, was extremely strange!

The resort was still fully operating, even though we got there pretty much at 9pm...there were entertainment going on, someone was performing, and lots of people lounging around enjoying drinks...we walked into one of the restaurants to eat the buffet...I was starving because I didn't all day!

Buffet had 5, no 10, no 15, lets just say its so many I couldn't even count them all, tables of food to choose from...A long table for you get drinks from was available, and on there, beer and wine as well. I must say I am loving this walking in, sit down, eat, and leave without paying concept!

The only thing with me though, are the bugs. The other flight attendants I was with didn't notice them or weren't bothered by them. I told them that I always seem to attract mosquitos for some reason. I am always the only person that gets bitten while others come out untouched...they didn't believe me...we didn't have dinner for that long...I think we ate for probably only an hour or so...low and behold...came out of there with 6 mosquito bites on my legs. Yes, I counted...I showed the other people I was with, and they were of course, without a scratch!

The other flight attendant told me that I should take some B12 supplements. She said it was found that there is some kind of repellent in there that will keep them away...Learn something new everyday, and I'm definitely going to try it out, or carry OFF with me everywhere I go now.

So if you're not prone to bug bites, I would definitely suggest visiting here for a vacation. The resort really is beautiful, its right on the beach, pool was HUGE, endless all inclusive restaurants and alcoholic beverages...hey, what else do you need on a vacation?

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