Saturday, June 5, 2010

Under the Weather

So I have been sick...caught a cold from my sister who so openly coughed and spread germs around the house.  And in such bad timing too!  I worked a 3 days trip that had a 33hrs layover in lovely San Jose, Costa Rica!!! I know!  And what did I get to do?  Nothing...because I was I got to know the ins and outs of my hotel room I guess...The hotel is pretty nice and the room is very comfy...but we arrived to the hotel pretty late, around 10:30pm or 11pm I think...and this hotel...has...creepy halls

I watched this scary movie once, I forgot the name of it, but it was something to do with something in a hospital.  A hospital is already pretty scary, right?  Well it had this loong hall, and the lights that are dark and off, until someone walks close to it and then it turns on, and then you walk past it, and it turns you know what I'm talking about?  So when you look down the hall, its dark.  The area where you are standing is bright and the light kinda follows you as you walk down the hall?  Yeeah, that was the kind of lights that this hotel had...and the halls, were all extra looong and had bends and I reeally appreciated that I was walking down this hall with the whole crew and our pilots!  Why would you do a hotel like this?  Its like a freaking scene from a horror movie!

Moving on ~ before I got to this layover, our flight to San Jose was my crew and I were sitting at the gate area waiting for the plane to be ready for us to get on.  I was sitting there and talking to this other flight attendant when I spotted this guy almost directly in front of me.  At first glance, he appears pretty normal as he sits there concentrating on his book he's reading.  As I continue watching, he proceeds to stick his thumb WAY up his nose!  We are sitting there at a public place full of people, mind you...and he's totally just into this whole grossness of picking his nose....then as I was about to turn away because I was completely grossed out.   HE...THEN...STICK...HIS...FINGER...IN...HIS...MOUTH...AND...ATE...IT...
I have no words...oh wait yes I do...Ewwwwwwww!  Gross!  Disgusting!!!

I really don't understand how certain people can be so gross like that...but anyways, moving on to happier topics.  Right after I saw that disgusting somewhat of a man...I saw someone else that totally brought my spirits back up!  I saw Brooke Elliott from Drop Dead Diva!!!!  I absolutely Looove the show and loooove her!  I think she does such a great job on the show and I cannot wait for the premier!  If you haven't seen it, you definitely definitely should check it out.  She looks just like she does on tv, and seems like such a down to earth person!

I had to sick out of my trip because my cold was causing my ears and nose to be all stopped up and was making me dizzy.  So lets hope I can get over this cold and cough soon...until then...have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 31, 2010

How many texts do you send out a day?

We have all heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, right?  The syndrome is usually associated with using the computer keyboard for too long or at an incorrect position.  Annie Levitz, from Chicago, has developed carpal tunnel...not due to computers though, but from doing too much texting a day.  And guess what, she is only 16yrs old.

Annie does about 100 texts a day and has already cut down to about 50 texts a day, she saids.  She started feeling pain in her wrists and hands and then started losing feelings in them completely.  She would try to pick up things and have them slip out of her grasp.  She is now wearing braces on both of her wrists, taking pain injections, and scheduled for surgery to relieve her pain.

According to Annie, she has learned her lesson.  She said that she knows now certain communication is just not worth it.  However, after "learning" her lesson, she still manages to do about 2000 texts a month!  Her mother is not taking her phone away from her because it is her whole social life.  I am sorry, but if my daughter texts so much that she develops carpal tunnel, I think I would do something about it.

Annie's bright solution to her problem?  She wishes to trade in her mobile for an iPhone....Why? Because it is touch screen and therefore should make it easier on her to type texts..

Wow ~ yes, Annie...that is of course the perfect solution to your problem!

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Friday Follow!


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I am so excited that Friday Follow is going to continue!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Throat Punch Thursday to the Infinity Power

This is super Throat Punch because I am a easy going person and you have somehow made me mad...I still considered you my friend and now wants nothing to do with you...I value friendship and you have made it seem like friendship can be bought and sold at the dollar for you, just for you, H, I give you super throat punch to the infinity power.  May you never recover from this...

Famous quote from Mr. H himself...
Wishes that people would leave the past in the past n only look for now n the future. There is so much BS in this world we live in!

I, for one, totally agree with living in the present.  I might not be very good at it, because I do like to look back into the past and ponder about why certain things didn't go the way it was supposed to...but Mr. H., you have no whatsoever authority to say leave the past in the know why? BECAUSE YOU NEVER MADE IT TO BECOME A PAST!  If you would have been straight forward and told her that its over...guess what...I would totally see it your way.  But unfortunately, you didn' left her thinking that everything is still the effing hell do you expect it to become the past when you never told her to LET GO!!!

There is so much BS in the world we live in...there wasn't until you made the situation what it is...BS is unnecessary, its stressful, and its certainly uncalled for...but you know what...the person who runs from what he is supposed to do, no longer associates with friends that don't agree with what he is doing, and never even bothered explaining his side of the story (because I was definitely waiting, gave you benefit of the doubt, and was waiting to talk to you) is not only BS, but a POS...and all the BS in the world?...came from you, you POS...

I usually forget about things after a nice nap or sleep...but can't seem to get over this when its not even my problem!  I don't think I am even that mad about what you did, H, because all relationships have their issues and problems...but I am so furious at how you handled the situation and our supposed friendship...Apparently, our friendship or whatever the hell it was is totally I have dedicated this super throat punch Thursday to you...and am making a promise to myself that after this post, will eternally not be bothered by this ever again!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What would you do?

I can no longer tell what I am doing is right or wrong any longer...I think I am right...but I don't know...maybe you guys can tell me...

One side is a guy friend (whom we shall refer to as H for he), another side is a girl friend (whom we shall refer to as S for she).  They are were dating...S went overseas for her family matters.  After a couple of months of arguments, they agreed that H would go to visit her and her family in July.  They are trying to work it out....oh I forgot to mentioned...they are not only dating...they are ENGAGED.

I have suspicions that H was seeing this other girl - however, I said nothing, told no one, except mentioned it to my roommate.  S recently calls my roommate and said that H has been avoiding her phone calls and not really talking to her...still, I said nothing and did nothing...the night before yesterday, S called my roommate and said that she talked to H and asked him about the statuses and pictures and asked him about her suspicions of another girl, H told her that she is thinking too much and there is nothing going on.  S told him she wants to come back, H told her not to, stay over there, and wait for him to go visit her in July.

I, still, after hearing all this, said nothing and did nothing.  Today my roommate logged into facebook...H's status update changed ~ it said he is now in a relationship with that girl that we all suspected...I didn't judge...really, I didn't...but I posted on his wall asking what in the world is going on?  I told H that I really wanted to be on his side, but what he's doing is kinda wrong...I asked him if this other girl knows that his fiance is was waiting for him to go visit her in July?

Thats all I said, my intention was not to be mean whatsoever.  But if one of my friend is doing something wrong, I am going to talk to you and tell you how I feel.  I feel like thats what friends do, not like some people that just let you go do whatever you want and say as long as you're happy.

H replied to me that him and S have been over for a long time and that he has moved on and suggest S to do the same.  My roommate replied back and said then how come just the night before yesterday S still has the impression that the both of them are still ok (and definitely engaged) and that he is still going to visit her in july?  My roommate said that she is not trying to judge him, but just that she thinks he should have just told S the truth instead of leading her on and keeping her hopes up...

Next thing we know?  He has deleted the post off of his wall and de-friended the two of us! o_o
Really? wow, I didn't know that a friendship was so fragile...that because of voicing my opinion, I am no longer consider a friend???

H deleting this post off his wall makes me think that the girl he is currently seeing knows nothing about his fiance that was overseas...and that he doesn't want her to find would you do?  I know that I don't even know the girl so it shouldn't even matter...but would you...tell that girl somehow?  Just tell her what you know?  If she knew all along then so be it...but if she didn't...maybe she would've wanted to know?  I don't know....would you?  or just leave it be?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where taking a nap is encouraged at work!

Well ok, maybe not encouraged, but not frown upon!  I definitely studied the wrong field and went into the wrong industry.

Recently one of my friend took me on a tour at his job, an IT company whom shall remain nameless.  I don't know if it matters but there might be certain protocols or laws or I don't know what out just in case...they shall remain nameless...

So anyhoo...I was on a tour, the office was like a maze...different levels with endless cubicles.  If I was alone, I definitely would've gotten lost!  But the place I was so curious to check out, their break room...or break area I should say.

They have ping pong tables, pool tables, arcade games, xbox 360, Wii, and I believe he mentioned guitar hero...really? yes really!  I asked him so you guys can just take a break and come in here whenever you want to and play and no one will really say anything?  He said yeah as long as we pretty much finish what we're supposed to be doing.  I asked him so whats to prevent people from just being in here playing all day?  He said well we're all pretty responsible adults and so we know what we gotta be doing... This...was my expression in my head o_O hehe...because I totally know I would have been in that break room all day playing guitar hero until it was time to go home! lol

Then we entered another room where they had some big bean bags laying around on the floor, and this.................

No it is not a spaceship!  This, from what I was told, is a nappod napod nap-pod? Oh I don't know how to spell it! A nap pod...It is for them when they get too stressed out, for them to come in here and take a nap...yes you heard right!  Take A Nap!  I love this company already...I get stressed all the time...where do I apply???

Friday, May 21, 2010

The increase of 3D Movies has now brought us to...3D in your home!

I have seen several commercials advertising Samsung's new 3D TV for your home!  When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it...I mean, seriously, is that necessary?

The price of television has been decreasing.  And to drive up the sales and cost, they figure they needed a new technology to boost their sales again.  With the 3D movie Avatar being such a huge success and bringing in such high revenue, a light bulb turned on and the next gadget is born.

The price for 3D tv right now range from low end of $1700 up.  That is not all, in order to watch it in 3D, you have to purchase the glasses which can cost from $125 to $150 EACH.  They are going to come out with some 3D TVs that you can use the regular cheap 3D glasses to watch, but then these TVs will be around $500 to $1000 more than the other active 3D TVs.

And after you pay all your money to have this unnecessary device in your home, you can now worry about your health issues that will soon follow.  Doctors are discovering that while watching TV is already bad for your eyes, watch TV in 3D can be about 3 times worst than that.  Watching 3D TV can cause motion sickness, disorientation, and posture problems.

The first channels that are coming out with 3D programming are sports channels like ESPN.  Guys, really?  I mean, you already need to be glued to the TV during football season, baseball season, basketball season, golf, tennis, and whatever else that involves balls and sweat.  Do you really need to watch it in 3D where you'll feel like the balls and sweat is coming right at ya?

They said it is not recommended that a person under the influence of alcohol or lack of sleep watch 3D programming because they lose some control of their eye muscles.  So watching 3D programming might be a little challenging.  hm...I don't think thats the only thing challenging after consuming alcohol, but hey, at least they won't even need 3D glasses!  The image should be popping out at them!  It might make it a better effect!

I just can't wait till the day when I walk into someone's house, and you see the whole family sitting there with red and blue glasses on....and wondering if I have stepped into the twilight zone....I know...I know...even though I am saying all this and how its will probably eventually end up on my birthday or christmas wish list if it does become widely popular!  *head hangs in shame*