Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hotel Booked - Vacation Booking half Accomplished

After weeks and weeks of planning, checking, and rechecking tickets and prices...the hotel is finally booked.  Looking at it as an after thought, I am not quite sure if we got a great deal or not...

My browser had, travelocity, expedia, priceline, and some random airlines page constantly open so I can check actually had pretty good package price for both the flight and hotel together...but my friends wanted to try bidding for the flights on priceline to see if we could get it cheaper (after all the price increases).

If you've never done priceline bidding before, this was my first time, you will need a credit input in the bid that you want, rather its flights or hotels...if its hotel, the place, area, and the stars of the hotel that you wanted...and then you have to enter in all your information: name, address, phone number, credit card info.......and then you click purchase.

You have to make sure that the information and dates you input is correct because once you click purchase, they will tell you rather your bid is accepted or denied....and if its accepted your credit card is automatically charged, you don't get to cancel it...which was kinda what I thought...but thats not the case...

If its denied, they might come back and tell you another deal they can do...or just tell you that its denied and ask you to change some criteria and bid again....We spend almost four hours just bidding and looking at needless to say by the fourth hour we were so tired of it and just basically was like whatever, we'll just take whatever! lol

So we didn't get any good deals for our flights...but we put in $76 for a 5 stars hotel in Vegas strip vicinity North (two rooms)...we knew we weren't going to get it for $76...but wanted to try our luck and see if it comes back with came back denied but it said one of the five star hotel would accept it for $120 a night...We thought about it for awhile but decided to just go for it...since $120 a night for a 5 stars hotel seems pretty good.

We clicked agreed or purchase or whatever the button was, and it came back with our hotel information and itinerary...The hotel that we got was Trump...We looked it up and it looks pretty nice but its actually not on the strip...I think some reviews said that about 2 mins from the strip...and it doesn't have a casino on don't really gamble either but isn't the reason most people want to go to Vegas is because of all the action and excitement?

Then I looked it up on and the hotel can be booked on there for average $154 a we got it for a little bit cheaper but not that great of a deal I guess...but like I said, we were so tired I think we just didn't want to deal with it anymore...

So I guess we'll just see how it goes...updates and more realistic pictures after our stay there!

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