Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Learn Something New Again Today...

So I am sitting here in a coffee shop just relaxing and browsing the web, catching up on my blog reading...My roommate is sitting here with me studying for her test tomorrow...She is in school for nursing right now...So as I said, I am just reading, browsing facebook, and minding my own business...

All of a sudden she saids, out of nowhere: "Hey! Did you know that a fetus is a parasite???"

Hm...In~ter~est~ing... I gave her a blank okaaay look...She explains... "Yeah the fetus is consider a parasite because it takes and takes from the mother and never gives anything back..."

I pondered about it for a moment...well that makes sense, doesn't it?  But who would ever consider your baby inside you to be called a parasite???

While I am pondering this new information I learned...She proceeds to go even further and saids,
"Yeah, and they continue to be a parasite until they reach 18!"


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