Sunday, March 21, 2010

Books for free

I found this website, BookSneeze, through some fellow bloggers and signed up...They have available books that you can order for free and it will be shipped directly to your home.  The thing they ask is that after you read the book you must write a review of the book and link it back to them.  I ordered my first book on Friday - Greater Love by Robert Whitlow 

I haven't received it yet and am patiently waiting for it...but I was many of you use this site?  For those of you who have been using this site for a little they normally offer more books and varieties?  I wanted to find out because I actually joined maybe about 3 weeks ago, but have not picked anything until recently because they really don't have that much books available...and the ones that they do have are mostly business and culture books...

I am looking for regular fiction books that I can read...Does anyone know of a better website where they offer books to read for free?  Please share! @_@
I review for BookSneeze

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