Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mexico City Continued

So as I was saying from my previous post, the flight attendant comes up to us and saids, "Hey if anyone comes to your door and knocks, DO NOT OPEN!"

So we're like what? what happened?  She said that she told her friend she was coming to Mexico City.  Her friend told her that the last time she stayed there, someone came and knocked on her door.  She looked through the peephole and saw a guy with a gift basket.  The guy said the gift basket was from receptions downstairs.  Now she was smart, instead of just opening up, she said hold on.  She then went and called downstairs and asked the reception area.  They told her there was no such gift basket, and they didn't know who was at her door.  She hung up, went back to the door, and the man was now gone.

After hearing this, I was already a little spooked...Then the other other flight attendant goes, "omg...I am glad you told me friend said something happened to her too!"  I was like, are you serious? more stories?  I don't know how many more of these I can take!

She said her friend stayed there and was sleeping...It must have been late, like 1 or 2am or something like that...she was half asleep so wasn't in her right mindset.  There was a knock on the door and the man outside calls out "maintainence".  She was groggy and only half awake so didn't think twice about opening the door.  The man comes in and saids I have to fix something in the bathroom.  She said ok...and then went back to sleep!  After a few minutes, she realized a little that it was a kinda weird, got up, went to the bathroom to check on him.  He was in there fidgeting with something so she just thought ok he's really fixing something.

She, again, went back to lay down on the bed.  At this point, I am thinking damn she is brave!  After a few minutes she opens her eyes, getting ready to go check on the man again, and there he was right beside her, with a gun pointing to her head.  He told her to be quiet.  Instead, she screamed with all her might, kicked, punched, struggled to get out of his grip.  Somehow he got scared and ran out of the room.  She told the operators downstairs and they finally found the guy, and he was just a random guy that roamed in from off the streets!

I was standing there thinking about how lucky she was...before I could even digest everything, the pilot goes, "Yeah my co-pilot got robbed the last time he was here!  And from the short 10 minutes that it took him to walk back to the hotel, they had already charged all of his credit cards!!!"

I didn't have a story to share, and didn't want to have any stories that I might have to share.  So I told them I wasn't gonna lay one foot outside of my room!!!  Sigh....I lied though...I went out with the other flight attendant because she didn't have anything to eat.  We walked around just looking for the grocery store and was going to go back, but then couldn't find the store and ended up eating at a local cafe/restaurant.

It was pretty good, and very very cheap...It was a daily special that comes with soup, rice or macaroni, the entree, dessert, and a drink.  I ordered an omelet and mine came out to be around $6.

Then we saw a pastry shop across the street and decided to check it out as well.  The pastries all looked sooooo good so I couldn't resist!  We bought some...but then when I ate it in the hotel later on, it was not good at all.  The cake was so hard, it didn't even tasted like a cake!

Luckily nothing happened to us, and we got back to the rooms safely.  But I don't know if there is a next time I go there, if I would be so brave as to venture out again...It is definitely... not for the faint of heart!

Looks so good right? These were definitely misleading!!

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Brandi said...

Hi Kat! : D

I am pre-other airline, and am based in Minneapolis but I lust after Atlanta daily. LOL

It's so nice to see someone from the airline with a blog! I know there are more out there but everyone keeps it on the DL.

Anywho it's so nice to meet you ... AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YA'LL GET MEXICO OVERNIGHTS! Ugh! lol I used to work for Continental Express (around 3 years ago) and we went to Mexico all the time. *up here* we don't get overnights there. Darn.

Brandi : )