Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My First Monday Minute with DDOR - and yes I'm late

Yes I know...I'm a day late on this...but I decided I still wanted to do it ~ hey it must be still Monday somewhere in this world, right? hm...maybe not...but oh well...
Monday Minute

1 - What drugs have you done in your life?

Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Nyquil...
     what? these don't count???

2 - A/S/L?

You know...I had no idea what these meant...until I read someone else's answers! I know...a duh moment so here goes...30(a young 20s at heart)/Female(although my friends always say I don't act like a lady)/Ga(please don't stalk me)

3 - Do you pick your nose?

The thought of this question makes me wanna gag - I always clean my nose with tissue!  I find it very disturbing when I am driving and see other drivers pick their nose ~ please stop doing that!!!

4 - What's your favorite childhood cartoon

I watched news during my childhood...oh who am I kidding?  I still watch cartoons, I can't get away from cartoons, kids movies, teen shows, and family guy!

5 - List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done

I personally think they're all great...hehe...but this one is fun ---->  Check it out:  Twilight Fans


JennyMac said...

I am another girl in favor of tissue use. I wish more people were. LOL.

Working Mommy said...

Its okay...I was late too :)