Friday, May 21, 2010

The increase of 3D Movies has now brought us to...3D in your home!

I have seen several commercials advertising Samsung's new 3D TV for your home!  When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it...I mean, seriously, is that necessary?

The price of television has been decreasing.  And to drive up the sales and cost, they figure they needed a new technology to boost their sales again.  With the 3D movie Avatar being such a huge success and bringing in such high revenue, a light bulb turned on and the next gadget is born.

The price for 3D tv right now range from low end of $1700 up.  That is not all, in order to watch it in 3D, you have to purchase the glasses which can cost from $125 to $150 EACH.  They are going to come out with some 3D TVs that you can use the regular cheap 3D glasses to watch, but then these TVs will be around $500 to $1000 more than the other active 3D TVs.

And after you pay all your money to have this unnecessary device in your home, you can now worry about your health issues that will soon follow.  Doctors are discovering that while watching TV is already bad for your eyes, watch TV in 3D can be about 3 times worst than that.  Watching 3D TV can cause motion sickness, disorientation, and posture problems.

The first channels that are coming out with 3D programming are sports channels like ESPN.  Guys, really?  I mean, you already need to be glued to the TV during football season, baseball season, basketball season, golf, tennis, and whatever else that involves balls and sweat.  Do you really need to watch it in 3D where you'll feel like the balls and sweat is coming right at ya?

They said it is not recommended that a person under the influence of alcohol or lack of sleep watch 3D programming because they lose some control of their eye muscles.  So watching 3D programming might be a little challenging.  hm...I don't think thats the only thing challenging after consuming alcohol, but hey, at least they won't even need 3D glasses!  The image should be popping out at them!  It might make it a better effect!

I just can't wait till the day when I walk into someone's house, and you see the whole family sitting there with red and blue glasses on....and wondering if I have stepped into the twilight zone....I know...I know...even though I am saying all this and how its will probably eventually end up on my birthday or christmas wish list if it does become widely popular!  *head hangs in shame*

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