Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter about Priceline situation I had

I got an email from a reader whom had found my post that I did about Priceline.  I had a situation previously and had been given NO help whatsoever from Priceline, and posted how to actually get your situation taken care of.

She wrote me to say thank you for the post.  She said she had the same situation and had problems with a hotel that she got through Priceline.  They, again, did nothing to help her.  She found my post and within two phone calls, got her money refunded and situation solved!

I was sooo excited to read this email and know that it actually helped someone else!  I had such a horrible experience with it and didn't want anyone to have to deal with it for the whole day like I did.  I am so happy that it helped her out and never really thought that it would actually help someone!!!  Yay! =D

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