Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What would you do?

I can no longer tell what I am doing is right or wrong any longer...I think I am right...but I don't know...maybe you guys can tell me...

One side is a guy friend (whom we shall refer to as H for he), another side is a girl friend (whom we shall refer to as S for she).  They are were dating...S went overseas for her family matters.  After a couple of months of arguments, they agreed that H would go to visit her and her family in July.  They are trying to work it out....oh I forgot to mentioned...they are not only dating...they are ENGAGED.

I have suspicions that H was seeing this other girl - however, I said nothing, told no one, except mentioned it to my roommate.  S recently calls my roommate and said that H has been avoiding her phone calls and not really talking to her...still, I said nothing and did nothing...the night before yesterday, S called my roommate and said that she talked to H and asked him about the statuses and pictures and asked him about her suspicions of another girl, H told her that she is thinking too much and there is nothing going on.  S told him she wants to come back, H told her not to, stay over there, and wait for him to go visit her in July.

I, still, after hearing all this, said nothing and did nothing.  Today my roommate logged into facebook...H's status update changed ~ it said he is now in a relationship with that girl that we all suspected...I didn't judge...really, I didn't...but I posted on his wall asking what in the world is going on?  I told H that I really wanted to be on his side, but what he's doing is kinda wrong...I asked him if this other girl knows that his fiance is was waiting for him to go visit her in July?

Thats all I said, my intention was not to be mean whatsoever.  But if one of my friend is doing something wrong, I am going to talk to you and tell you how I feel.  I feel like thats what friends do, not like some people that just let you go do whatever you want and say as long as you're happy.

H replied to me that him and S have been over for a long time and that he has moved on and suggest S to do the same.  My roommate replied back and said then how come just the night before yesterday S still has the impression that the both of them are still ok (and definitely engaged) and that he is still going to visit her in july?  My roommate said that she is not trying to judge him, but just that she thinks he should have just told S the truth instead of leading her on and keeping her hopes up...

Next thing we know?  He has deleted the post off of his wall and de-friended the two of us! o_o
Really? wow, I didn't know that a friendship was so fragile...that because of voicing my opinion, I am no longer consider a friend???

H deleting this post off his wall makes me think that the girl he is currently seeing knows nothing about his fiance that was overseas...and that he doesn't want her to find out...obviously...so...what would you do?  I know that I don't even know the girl so it shouldn't even matter...but would you...tell that girl somehow?  Just tell her what you know?  If she knew all along then so be it...but if she didn't...maybe she would've wanted to know?  I don't know....would you?  or just leave it be?


VietRiceBoy said...

i would tell the girl so she would know what type of person he is. He wasn't a true friend and not person to associate with. So much drama. Tell S, she deserve better... don't waste any time. Time is too precious to spend getting mad about this guy.

VKT said...

I saw this post after I read the punching one...lol.

I would go to facebook and send the girl a message. If he did it to your friend, he will do it again. She ought to know that he was engaged. He sounds like a real jerk. Instead of the throat, I think he needed a kick in the....oh nevermind.