Monday, May 31, 2010

How many texts do you send out a day?

We have all heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, right?  The syndrome is usually associated with using the computer keyboard for too long or at an incorrect position.  Annie Levitz, from Chicago, has developed carpal tunnel...not due to computers though, but from doing too much texting a day.  And guess what, she is only 16yrs old.

Annie does about 100 texts a day and has already cut down to about 50 texts a day, she saids.  She started feeling pain in her wrists and hands and then started losing feelings in them completely.  She would try to pick up things and have them slip out of her grasp.  She is now wearing braces on both of her wrists, taking pain injections, and scheduled for surgery to relieve her pain.

According to Annie, she has learned her lesson.  She said that she knows now certain communication is just not worth it.  However, after "learning" her lesson, she still manages to do about 2000 texts a month!  Her mother is not taking her phone away from her because it is her whole social life.  I am sorry, but if my daughter texts so much that she develops carpal tunnel, I think I would do something about it.

Annie's bright solution to her problem?  She wishes to trade in her mobile for an iPhone....Why? Because it is touch screen and therefore should make it easier on her to type texts..

Wow ~ yes, Annie...that is of course the perfect solution to your problem!


Shell said...

I've cut down on my texts...b/c of twitter. LOL

Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!

mskanorado said...

This is a very interesting post. I won't go into a whole deal about carpal tunnel, but carpal tunnel pain just manifests in the "carpal tunnel" of the wrist. The real problem originates in the neck. I have treated a LOT of carpal tunnel without braces or surgery! So, in all seriousness if Annie's mom could find a well educated Licensed Massage Therapist, there could be some SERIOUS good and the cost of their medical bills will go down too! Plus, the injections she is getting is probably cortisone shots which have much worse long term effects than you could ever imagine!
Anyways, sorry if that was a bit much, but you should pass that info along! It will be SUPER helpful for Annie!